When you choose to build a custom home, you ensure that every aspect – every last detail and finish – is aligned with your vision. Incorporating high-end finishes does add that next-level panache, but it also creates ideal conditions for everyday living, for memory-making, and for a house that becomes a forever home.

Live Your Best Life: Top High-End Features for Your Custom Home

Whether you are going for the boisterous showstoppers or the quiet powerhouses, these high-end features will help you make the most of your custom home:

Smart Home Technology

Smart technology has become so smart that it has virtually disappeared. It can be so well-integrated into a custom home that it fades into the background so you can live your life. Maintain an optimal temperature, set lighting and scenes for different times of day, enhance security, safeguard children, elderly household members, and pets whether you are at home or not, use a hub so your fridge orders groceries and your oven preheats before you arrive from work… The possibilities are endless, and they are effortless.

Rooftop Deck

Take your outdoor living space to new heights. Rooftop decks are jaw-droppers, giving you a whole new outlook on life (…or at least a different point of view). Catch the refreshing evening breeze, entertain, lounge, and enjoy a greater level of privacy – with far fewer mosquitos and no-see-ums. That alone makes it worth it, in our book! Your rooftop oasis will quickly become your favorite “room.”


High-end features are not always ostentatious or opulent. Oftentimes, their true strength lies in their simplicity. Such is the case with dedicated laundry rooms. According to Kigplinger, 86% of homebuyers want this space, and for good reason. Least favorite chore? Cleaning the bathroom. Second? Laundry. Third: Folding and putting away said laundry. A dedicated room allows you to hide dirty clothes, the disarray of clean-but-yet-to-be-put-away items, and the supplies you need to keep your whites white and colors bright. Equipped with high-efficiency machines, this will not become your favorite room – but it will become one of the most used.

Along similar lines, a mudroom may not be a top priority if “wow” is your goal, but like a laundry room, it is a master of containing the chaos of daily life (not to mention its muddy footprints) so your main living space is clean and clutter-free.

Wet Room

Transform the ordinary. A simple shower can become a much-needed mini spa retreat with a wet room. The concept, which requires no partition or separation of the shower area, is highly streamlined. Wet rooms maximize your space, ensure easy access and even easier cleaning, and create a sophisticated ambience. Your design may include luxe additions, like a gorgeous freestanding tub, integrated seating, or sauna.

Second Kitchen or Butler’s Pantry

Welcome to my home… Please excuse the sink full of pots and pans, half-chopped vegetables, flour dust, soupy ladles, saucy mixing spoons, and appliances vying for space on the counters. You should never hide who you are – but it’s more than fine to just tuck the mess out of sight so your kitchen/dining area is clutter- and chaos-free. A second kitchen or butler’s pantry is a great solution, particularly if you love to entertain and/or have an open floor plan. They can feature all the essential equipment for food storage, prep, staging, and cleanup so your “guest-facing” spaces remain ready for socializing and satiating feasts.

Expansive Closets

High-end features can mean low-effort daily routines. Expanding your closet (particularly in the owner’s suite) provides you the space to organize and store your clothes, shoes, accessories, and other items in such a way that getting ready in the morning or decompressing after the day is much easier. They can also be stunning spaces in their own right, allowing you yet another canvas on which to create your masterpiece (a.k.a. dream home).

The “You” Factor

When it comes to the Wow Factor, fully-equipped theaters, gyms, indoor basketball courts, climbing walls, and obstacle courses for your four-legged friends certainly deliver. Guests will ohhh and awww over these over-the-top features… But we’ve always believed that the ones who should enjoy a house most are those who live in it.

What’s the You Factor? Whether it’s a luxe studio so you can fulfill your influencer dreams (or practice your TikTok moves… no judgment!), a customized solution for your Star Wars collection, or a lush vertical garden for your favorite fresh herbs, you decide what matters – and we make it happen.

Dream with G&G

High-end features for custom homes empower you to create an environment that works for you, your lifestyle, your needs, and your goals.

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