How many times have you thought to yourself (or said very much aloud): The mail doesn’t belong on the kitchen counter! Don’t track muddy footprints onto the clean floor! Where does your hockey, soccer, golf gear go? Laundry… More laundry, really?! Why can’t I find my mittens/backpack/sunglasses/keys? 

Life is wonderfully messy and occasionally chaotic! Your home doesn’t need to be. This is the beauty of a well-designed, beautifully-organized mudroom. This is the catch-all that can be the end-all when it comes to convenience, clutter-control, and customizable space. When you can’t control the world out there, you can contain the one in here. 

Designing a Mudroom That Works for You 

Mudroom 101: You need a place to wipe your feet, stow your boots, and hang your coat. But let’s elevate this utilitarian space into a versatile entryway for your home – and for your busy life! 

Clutter-Busting Storage Options. Clutter tends to invite itself in and makes itself right at home. When you have a place for everything – and take a second to put everything in its place – it helps you stay organized, so you can use your free time for fun instead of attacking piles of stuff.  

Built-ins are a perfect fit for the mudroom. This Modern Farmhouse, for example, features convenient bench seating with storage underneath for boots, shoes, etc., cubbies with hooks for coats, bags, and sports gear, and additional cubbies overhead for everything you need to store, from keys and mail to seasonal items that you can simply swap out as the weather shifts. Add a few decorative baskets, and you’re in business.×960.jpg 

(G&G Modern Farmhouse) 

If you prefer that everything is out of sight, you can opt for pull-out drawers for shoes, boots, hats, gloves, and other essentials, keep coats behind closed cabinet-style doors, and incorporate benches that have hidden storage. 

Laundry Made Easy(ier!). When we accept that this chore is never really “done,” it makes it that much more manageable! The mudroom is an ideal place to tackle laundry: it is where the dirtiest clothes hang out, after all!  

When designing your mudroom, include laundry bins to keep muddy, messy items out of the main house – or go a step further and install drying racks, a sink for handwashing and rinsing, and a washer/dryer. You already have cubbies, shelves, and cabinets for storage, so it’ll be no problem to keep your detergents, stain removers, and other laundry needs both near at hand and discreetly out of the way.  

All-Season Appeal. In Indiana, we go from bathing-suit-and-flip-flop season to parkas-and-boots to mud-and-more-mud (sometimes all in a week’s time, it feels like!). It is important that your mudroom accommodates your all-season needs.  

What do you need to get summer-ready? Those drying racks will come in handy for bathing suits and wet towels. Additionally, the hooks you already have for coats, backpacks, etc., can also be used for lightweight summer jackets and beach bags, while cubbies and baskets are handy for sunscreen, sunglasses, and bug repellent. With the cooler, water toys, and lawn games stowed neatly under or in the bench seat, you’re ready for the beach, the trails, the backyard… or any adventure! 

Don’t let rainy days get you down: keep a hamper by the door for muddy clothes – or better yet, just throw them right in the washer – and place a good, dirt-capturing mat by the door.  Opt for one that has textured nubs (which are also great if you have pets), a rubber backing, and is machine-washable. 

What about winter? Boot trays, drip trays, and a good nubby mat are all must-haves. You want to keep the snow and salt contained right at the door. Make sure you have a shoe rack for your family’s indoor footwear at the entry so they can make the swap immediately and place boots on a tray under their coat hook/cubby. We also love the idea of having a basket with guest slippers to welcome people into your home without also welcoming a wintry mess. 

Hydration Station. The kids are outside playing, you’re out DIYing, your partner is harvesting some plump, juicy tomatoes from the garden. Whatever you’re doing, make sure to stay hydrated without breaking your stride – or tracking a mess into the house. Installing water dispensers in the mudroom is an optimal way to hit your H20 goals. You can find on-wall, in-wall, free-standing, bottle-filling, and hands-free options, all waiting to quench your thirst. Another option to consider is making room for a small beverage refrigerator in your mudroom. 

Pawfect Pet Solutions. We could never forget these most valued household members when designing a mudroom. The space is a pet-owner’s dream come true when it includes: 

  • Feeding. Consider a feeding station with enclosed bins for safe food storage and private gourmet dining. This is especially helpful if you have pets who need to be separated while eating; one can enjoy the mudroom while another is in the kitchen, for example. 
  • Cleaning. We love them, but, boy, are they messy. Your mudroom can be command central for DIY pet grooming. There is an extensive selection of pet baths/showers that, rather than take away from your style, add to it.  
  • Kenneling. Some pets need to be safely and comfortably contained while you are gone or at bedtime; others simply prefer having their own space. You can, for example, install a comfy oasis for your pet underneath a counter or convert a cabinet to make the most of your space while keeping Fido happy. There are some wonderfully creative options out there. 

The mudroom can be the most versatile room in your home. Want to make the most of it? Contact G&G Custom Homes to discuss your ideas – and learn how we can bring them to life.