What if you could have any feature — any wild, crazy, opulent, outlandish feature in the world — in your home, what would it be? This question is often easy for kids: I want a pool shaped like a dragon with a slide. And a slide from my room into the game room which has a 10,000-inch TV and all the video games. And snacks. And no bedtimes. I also want a trampoline for a floor, a basketball court (also with a trampoline floor), a moat with a drawbridge, a robot that cleans my room for me, and… They can go on and on (and on) with fantastic, whimsical ideas. 

As adults, though, we tend to constrain ourselves to the practical. The sensible. The typical. But what if we could do… more? What if the sky’s the limit, and we could integrate over-the-top custom home features that allow ordinary to become extraordinary? Maybe it’s not a dragon-shaped pool… but maybe it’s also time to let your own imagination run a little wild. 

Custom Home Features for Those Who Dream Big 

We’re adults: we get excited about radiant heated floors, energy efficient appliances, and counter space! But let’s think “sky is the limit” here: 

Taking It to the Extreme. A spacious yard is certainly nice… But wouldn’t it be amazing if you had a full-size baseball field? A four-hole golf course to practice your swing (Tiger has one in his backyard)? What about a luxurious outdoor bar and/or kitchen, complete with range, wood-fired pizza oven, grill, smoker, sinks, fireplace or firepit, beverage fridge, large screen television, discrete integrated speakers, and seating so comfortable you’ll never want to leave the great outdoors? Over-the-top… or just right for your lifestyle? 

Year-Round Sports FunLet’s face it: winters in Indiana can be brutal. It’s not always possible to get outside for recreation and fitness, and it’s all too easy to hibernate the cold months away. By bringing sports inside, you eliminate any excuse that has you tethered to the couch!  

From basketball and tennis courts to soccer fields and indoor hockey floors to batting cages, climbing walls, and weight rooms, everything you need for a good sweat can be a few rooms away. Pursue your passion, engage your children, family, and friends in healthy activity, and beat the winter blahs.  

If you’re looking for inspiration, Bill Gates has a trampoline room. Your inner child is loving this. 

Pool-Side Extravagance. A pool is a luxury that can quickly become a necessity thanks to the fun, fitness, and refreshment it offers. Elevate the experience with over-the-top features, such as: 

  • Waterfall 
  • Spillway 
  • Fountain(s) 
  • An epic slide 
  • LED pool lighting 
  • Swim-up bar 
  • Spillover spa
  • Outdoor shower 
  • Jump rock (please, use caution) 

It is also possible (even in Indiana) to keep your pool open year-round, or at least until it reaches the very coldest days. Make sure you inquire about heat pumps that are up for the job and ask your installer about ways to avoid frozen pipes and other obstacles. Swimming comfortably while looking out over snow covered fields? Wow.  Of course, an indoor pool bypasses the cold weather, and you can gaze out over those fields from behind crystal-clear glass walls.  

Elevating the Home Bar. Yes, you can have a few bar stools in the basement and call it a “bar.” (And yes, we’d definitely come over to watch the game with you.) But you can also turn the home bar into an experience. Think big: in addition to bar-style seating and a full set-up on the other side, you can add game tables, seating arrangements for conversations, screens for viewing, and restaurant-style booths for cozy meals or your favorite apps. 

If you’re a wine lover, integrate a perfectly climate-controlled cellar. If you prefer craft brews and spirits, why not add brewing or distilling space and equipment? You can enjoy a rewarding hobby — and share the fruits of your labor with friends and family. (And yes, we’d definitely come over to support you in your endeavors!) 

Those Who Live in Glass Houses. Who says over-the-top can’t be ultra-simple? There is nothing cleaner and more elegant than the look of glass. Floor to ceiling windows — everywhere! —  make a dramatic statement. You also blur the lines between indoors and out, creating a sense of expansive space and maximizing views and natural light. Add multi-slide glass doors in strategic locations to really remove the separation between indoors and out, providing easy access to your spectacular outdoor spaces. 

The Smart Move. A robot that cleans my room for me…  The kid’s onto something! While we may not be at the Jetson’s stage with our own Rosey, we do have a host of smart home technology at our disposal. Some of them even clean (like self-charging robotic vacuums and gadgets that clean your toilets automatically). 

Smart home features make life easier, more efficient, more convenient, more comfortable, safer, and even more fun. G&G’s 2020 Home-a-Rama showcase home, for example, featured a centralized video hub, app-controlled entertainment, high quality “hidden” speakers throughout, repeaters on every floor, and smart blinds.  

5 Star Spa. Five-year old you may want a dragon-shaped pool, but adult you is juggling work, family, obligations, and more in a stressful world. Adult you wants an oasis of calm and relaxation. Wouldn’t it be nice to visit a luxury spa… that’s just steps away? Consider luxe bathroom features, including:  

  • Heated floors and towel racks 
  • Free standing tub and/or jacuzzi  
  • Walk-in shower with elegant glass enclosure 
  • Multiple shower heads 
  • Steam shower 
  • Sauna 
  • Mood lighting and music via your connected smart system 
  • Smart thermostat 
  • Floating vanity 
  • Dual sinks 
  • Opulent lighting, such as a chandelier 
  • Floor to ceiling glass works here too! 
  • Fireplace 

All you need is a fluffy robe and some candles for a full spa experience. 

Michelin Star-Worthy Kitchens 

The kitchen is the heart of many of our homes. Whether you are a master chef, the host with the most, or just love to surround yourself with details and features that elevate ordinary life into memorable moments, this is the place to work some magic. Think: 

  • Smart Everything. Advanced smart home technology integrates seamlessly into your life. And you don’t even have to be home to complete many tasks; preheat the oven, for example, or have your refrigerator send you a list as you plan your weekly meals so you can pick up some groceries on the way home. In the home, you can use your smart appliances as tech hubs, creating virtual memo boards for the family, controlling other connected devices, and more. 
  •  High-End Appliances. Investing in high quality appliances not only ensures great longevity, it also adds sleek appeal and convenience to the kitchen. Top manufacturers, such as Miele and Wolf, deliver a luxurious look and exceptional versatility when it comes to ranges.  

    Miele, for example, offers features like MasterChef automatic programs. This includes electronically regulated programs for up to 100 types of food; you simply select the food (everything from bread to poultry), specify how well done you want it, and remove the guesswork from cooking and baking. Additionally, it has the speed of a microwave so you can “enjoy perfectly cooked dishes even quicker.” 

  • Luxurious Floors and Countertops. Even if these are not “smart,” per se, opting for high quality surfaces is a smart move. Top options (like natural stone and tile) will last beautifully for years to come. 

A Pet Paradise   

Don’t forget your furry, feathery, scaly, or swimmy friends. Make your home into a pet paradise: 

  • Dog Baths/Bathrooms. A spa experience for your dog, if you will. A dedicated dog bath allows you to clean your pet as frequently as needed in a safe, warm, contained environment! You don’t have to use the hose out back or your own bathtub. 

    Some pet lovers even have indoor “bathroom” facilities for their pets. This may be helpful if you have older pets with incontinence issues, for example.  

  • Obstacle Courses. Pets can go stir crazy when home for long periods, just like the rest of us. For warm weather fun and stimulation, you can install agility items in the backyard. Inside, you can turn an unused wall (e.g., along a staircase) into a frisky cat’s paradise, allowing them to climb, pounce, and perch to their heart’s content. 
  • Extreme Aquariums. If fish are your friends, consider an over-the-top aquarium. A whole-wall version, for example, is not only a great habitat, it can also be a beautiful focal point. You can take a similar route for reptilian pets or even a terrarium. 
  • Pet Suite or Dedicated Dog Room. Kylie Jenner built a “guest house” for her pups that features AC, heating, a porch, lush furnishings, and other amenities. You don’t have to go that over the top, but you can invest in a little pad for your pooch. Like a she-shed but, perhaps, a bit smaller. Inside, you could also create a dedicated pet room, where they can lounge (on their own beds!) in comfort. 

Keep Imagining 

In the future, we may dwell in “earth scrapers” or self-contained underwater living spheres. Not only is the sky the limit, so is the Earth and sea. Now, that’s over-the-top! 

In the present, we can create homes that are just as awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping, and, most of all, cozy, warm, and inviting. We can create homes that bring our visions and wild imaginings to life. Which crazy, outlandish, outrageous features do you want in your custom home? Tell us; we can make it happen. 

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