Sometimes, the best room in the house isn’t in the house at all. There is a simple, and pure, pleasure of enjoying the beauty of your home and landscape from the outside. Feeling the breeze, inhaling the scent of your flower beds, clipping a few herbs for dinner from your raised bed or container garden, sipping a cool drink on a warm day or imbibing a hot one on a cold night. It’s no surprise that outdoor living spaces have become a “must” for homeowners.

Which of these spaces is most popular, and why? More importantly – which is right for you?

Rooftop Decks vs. Covered Porches

If we had to choose… We’d absolutely go with both. Rooftop decks and covered porches confer a plethora of advantages, including expanding your usable space, creating entertainment and socializing areas, providing much-needed refuges of solitude and relaxation, and adding value to your home. Each is a highly sought-after option in its own right, and you can be sure this investment will continue to deliver returns year after year.

Enjoy Elevated Outdoor Living

There is little doubt that rooftop decks are rapidly increasing in popularity thanks to their ineffable “WOW!” factor. They truly (and quite literally) elevate your outdoor living experience. In addition to the benefits mentioned above, rooftop retreats also enhance your views, make for exceptional gathering spaces, and can help you capitalize on refreshing breezes – without the bugs. Another plus is that you reclaim a great deal of privacy. A rooftop deck feels more “intimate” than a conventional deck, porch, or patio, and when you’re craving sun and solitude, it’s easy to wander up and bask in it.

Rooftop decks are not as common as their ground-level counterparts, and this factor, too, makes them feel exclusive and luxurious.

There is a “but” we need to cover. It is difficult (not impossible, but difficult and cost-intensive) to add a rooftop deck to an existing house. It must be structurally sound, of course, as well as designed and built for intended use, in compliance with zoning and fire codes (and your homeowners insurance company’s requirements). This will be a heavy feature, so you need to ensure that your roof can bear the weight without compromising its integrity or lifespan. Oh, and you need to account for rooftop equipment, such as HVAC, chimneys, solar panels, etc. Planning this carefully with a new build is much easier than trying to retrofit a rooftop deck after.

Your Porch Has You Covered

Covered porches, those architectural magicians, confer the beauty of most-season outdoor living. By installing fire pits, propane/gas/electric heating systems, fans, and cooling solutions, you can stay cozy and comfy throughout most of the year. They can also become a second kitchen, second dining room, second living room… Outdoor cooking options and furnishings blur the line between indoors and out. Some of these features may not be feasible, or convenient, on a rooftop deck.

A covered porch at ground-level also puts you right in the action. You can easily host backyard barbecues, stroll over to the pool, or supervise a lively game of wiffleball – or if you can keep up with the kids, why not step up to bat yourself? It can be a highly social area. If you want that privacy to stargaze or collect your thoughts, though, you can have that too. Awnings, hedges, and other design elements help you create your own little slice of paradise.

In a side-by-side comparison, a covered porch may seem like a more humble option than a rooftop deck, but it can be every bit as luxe. There is also another significant advantage: You can install a porch much more easily (and less expensively) in an existing home. Of course, planning it in a new build is the ideal, but if you want to add on later, it’s typically a simpler process.

What’s Your Outdoor Living Style?

When it comes to a rooftop deck vs. a covered porch, which meets your expectations for outdoor living? If forced to pick one… Yeah, we’d absolutely still go with both!

Whatever your dream, and however you want to enjoy your outdoor time, we can help bring it to fruition. Connect with G&G Custom Homes.