According to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), 85% of homebuyers now ask for (nay, demand!) a walk-in pantry. We’re fully confident that the other 15% will want one, too, when they discover the versatility, convenience, and style of these multi-functional spaces. 

Top Pantry Trends

1.Prep Kitchen

Prep or secondary kitchens elevate the more common idea of the butler’s pantry. A butler’s pantry is typically used to store a few items, prepare a drink or two, or stage food before it goes to the kitchen or dining room. A prep kitchen, on the other hand, is an ancillary space off the main kitchen that offers a fully-functional work area.  

The prep or secondary space has everything and the kitchen sink, enabling you to whip up a Thanksgiving feast for 30 as easily as appetizers for two. At the same time, you can conceal the behind-the-scenes aspects of food prep (yes, hide the mess!) while maintaining a pristine kitchen/dining area for entertaining and enjoying.  

2. Secondary Appliance Storage

If there’s another kitchen wish we can all agree on, it is we need more counter space! Pantries are the perfect opportunity to clear the clutter. Rather than storing frequently-used appliances, like your toaster, coffee maker, blender, mixer, or microwave in the main kitchen – or most inconveniently, moving them to and from a cabinet every time you want a latte or a smoothie – you can organize them in the pantry for access that is both easy and discrete.  

An appliance garage combines form and function flawlessly, and it is a pantry trend that is regaining in popularity – and versatility. They provide a dedicated spot for your secondary appliances, helping create a clean, minimalistic aesthetic in the kitchen. Even better, they make life more streamlined when placed in the pantry: for example, when you go in to get your bread, you can prepare your toast right there – and make a cup of coffee, while you’re at it. 

3. Extra Refrigerator/Freezer

If you love entertaining or simply like to have a well-stocked larder, an extra refrigerator and/or freezer is a useful addition. They provide ultimate flexibility: for example, you can use one fridge for beverages and the other for food items or use one for party-prep and dishes and the other for everyday household needs.  

For those who like to meal prep, additional freezer space is handy in preserving food and ensuring it is ready, waiting, and delicious when you need great grab-and-go sustenance. Also, this extra space can help reduce food waste: if you have some items that you don’t have time or interest in cooking now, you can save them for later without sacrificing space in your primary freezer. 

4. Beverage Station

Beverages can take up quite a bit of real estate in the primary kitchen. Storing everything from water and soda to coffee and wine – to their related mugs, cups, glasses, stemware, shakers, carafes, and pitchers – in the pantry helps eliminate clutter while delivering maximum convenience. If you combine this with a prep kitchen, you can easily prepare drinks without missing a beat.  

For example, you can organize a coffee station with all your must-haves, from water for your brew to creamer and milk frothers to ice for those hot Indiana days! With additions like wine fridges and coolers, you can also have a functional wet bar stocked with all your cocktail accouterments.  

5. Hidden Doors

One of the beautiful features of a pantry is that this space can be ultra-discrete, especially when you opt for hidden doors that resemble a cabinet. This makes the pantry a seamless addition to your kitchen – and a space that guests may not even realize you have. How do they keep their kitchen so immaculate?! Meanwhile, you know what’s happening behind-the-scenes! 

At the same time, these hidden doors help you create a more cohesive design in the kitchen itself. They can mesh perfectly with your regular cabinetry, and they help you achieve a barely-there look and feel that works especially well in busy areas. 

The Perfect Pantry for You 

While 85% of us want pantries, that does not mean that we all want and need the same features. This is the beauty of designing and building a space that is customized to you. You can create a breakfast bar or a nook for paying bills and/or looking up recipes. You can install open shelving and other organizational systems so you can easily monitor your supplies. You can add a wine fridge or beverage cooler to have perfectly chilled options at hand. You can all but open your own catering business in a beautifully equipped prep kitchen!  

In other words, you have the opportunity to create a space that is built for living your life. Share your ideas with G&G Custom Homes; we can’t wait to bring them to life.