Home is where the heart is… But it’s also where your neighbors are. Where your children go to school, where you meet friends for coffee, and where you go to the market. It’s the streets you traverse and the sidewalks you use to connect you to the world outside your door. While the world inside is undoubtedly of huge importance, the community or neighborhood in which your home is situated does play a central role in your experience – and your enjoyment – of home. What should you consider when making this all-important choice?

Find Your Fit: Choosing the Right Community

Selecting the right location and lot for your home is a logistical – and highly logical! – process. You take into account factors such as cost, utility hookups (or lack thereof), topography and soil… From titles to taxes, it’s a critical, albeit dry, part of the custom home building journey. Our focus now isn’t on the physical aspects of a piece of land but rather the more social and even emotional side of the equation. It’s no less important: If the lot is the skeleton of home, the community is the flesh and blood.

That said, what should you consider and look for when choosing a community to call home?

Proximity to Work and Necessities

Also a practical consideration, to be sure, proximity to work, school, and other musts of life does influence your experience. Do you enjoy a longer commute to prepare for the day and wind down after? Or would you rather cut that down to a few minutes – with the option to pop back home for lunch (or if your child forgets their lunch!)? Is driving into a nearby city area preferable so you can access services or go shopping, or do you want most of these to be located within walking distance?

There is no wrong answer, only the one that works for you, your family, and your lifestyle. Think carefully about this as it can impact your day-to-day schedule quite significantly.

Lot Sizes

Yes, we know, another practical consideration! Size, too, plays a part in how you experience home. Smaller lots can yield exceptionally spacious homes, and your closest neighbors will be… well, a bit closer. Larger lots offer more room to roam, as it were. The Promontory community in Zionsville, for example, boasts 220 gorgeous acres and only 80 homesites. A two-acre property certainly affords ample privacy.

Lot sizes, both small and large, can enhance your enjoyment – but it is important to really think about what you want, what type of lifestyle you want to lead, and which option will deliver the best results for you.

Neighborhood Amenities

This is an area that focuses on what you expect from your community. Whether it’s the luxury of strolling through quiet woods and sunlit fields or perfecting your swing on a Pete Dye golf course, create a list of must-haves and nice-to-haves. It may be vital that you have that peace and calm, surrounded by nature. Or it may be more important that you can take advantage of the community clubhouse, complete with opportunities to socialize, connect, and kick back. Or… you may want to have your cake and to eat it too. Communities like Chatham Hills in Westfield can give you the best of all worlds. Join in when you want, unplug when you need.

When you picture yourself at the end of a long day or at the start of a long weekend, what do you envision? And do you expect your immediate neighborhood to be the solution to those needs?

Look Into the Future

While you can’t look into your crystal ball and see what exactly will happen, it’s worth taking some time to think about the future of your neighborhood or community. Does it grow in an ad hoc manner? Or is development planned? What will it look like in five years? In ten? Can anyone – from your builder to developers to neighbors – give you any insight into tomorrow? Strategically planned communities tend to grow in a more predictable way with plans solidified in terms of amenities, additional homesites, etc. Is this what you want?

The Community “Vibe”

Whether you crave close-knit or friendly but reserved, the vibe of the community matters. Is this a “good fences make good neighbors” type of place? Is it a “there’s no strangers only friends we haven’t met yet” feeling? Do people chit chat at the park or nod and go about enjoying their stroll? Do neighbors gather for backyard barbeques and take the time to introduce themselves? Are they entwined in daily life or are they familiar faces who you wave to as you both go about your business?

Is the vibe energetic and go-getting or laid back and mellow? Is it career-oriented, family-friendly, and/or an empty-nester oasis? Do people identify with their community or is it a place where they just happen to live?

Again, there is no wrong answer and certainly no wrong way to be a community. Some people embrace the thought that they can escape their busy lives and retreat home. Others view home as the hub for their social and cultural activities.

We’ll go back to the most essential question: What do you want from home, and how will a certain community or neighborhood deliver that for you?

Come Home

When you are building a custom home, you will make myriad decisions – and choosing the right community is undoubtedly one of the most critical. As always, the G&G team is here to help you navigate this step of the process. Whether you have a lot in mind or wish to locate your home in an established community like Holliday Farms or Maple Ridge, our in-depth insight into the area will be as essential as our expertise in building forever homes.

Let’s talk about your goals. Connect with G&G Custom Homes.