You’ve found the perfect piece of property – your own little slice of paradise! Perhaps it looks out over softly rolling hills and maples that put on a spectacular show each year. Maybe there’s a bubbling brook in the backyard, or it is close to your family, friends, and workplace.

Whatever makes the land “perfect, “there’s no doubt that it would be even better with a beautiful home. But what if space is limited? Not to worry, spacious custom home design for small lots allows you to maximize your square footage – and, of course, your results. 

Tricks of the Trade: Building Spacious Homes on Small Lots

Square footage doesn’t determine value. Rather, it is a matter of how well your space is utilized to create a home that empowers you to live the life you want. Expert builders have a few tricks up their sleeves. When it comes to building on a small lot, there are a variety of methods you can employ to create your dream home.  

small lot
"When you have a small property, you may think you have to sacrifice some of your wants and needs. But this is your dream house; let’s bring it to life!"

When building a home on a small lot, maximizing space depends on strategic design. Methods that custom home builders utilize include: 

  • Open floor plans. There is a trend towards farmhouse and Craftsman-style homes with an increasing number of rooms. However, when you’re working with a small lot, it is often preferable to open up the design to gain more space.
  • Tray or step ceilings. These options break up large expanses of ceiling and create the illusion of more space. Because there is a visual difference in ceiling height (e.g. with a tray ceiling, the center is usually 6 – 14 inches higher than the perimeter), it makes your rooms seem larger. Opting for higher than standard ceilings is also quite helpful.
  • Windows. Large windows allow you to see beyond the walls, if you will. They also flood your home with light, and this gives the impression of much more space. You can also opt to align features like French doors with windows for maximum impact.
  • Flexible spaces. When you’re building on a small lot, you cannot afford to waste any space. Flexible spaces adapt to your needs and lifestyle – now and in the future. For example, a room could function as a home office, craft/hobby room, guest room, or playroom depending on what you need at the time.
  • Bonus room. A bonus room does not “count” as a bedroom. It typically doesn’t have a closet; it may not even have all four walls, and the ceiling could be lower. However, a bonus room does offer space. This is useful for storage or you can turn it into your escape-the-world craft or meditation room. It’s a great way to utilize space that may otherwise be wasted.
  • Outdoor living spaces. What better way to create a larger home than to open it up to the outdoors? You can utilize designs that incorporate outdoor spaces (e.g. gardens, patios, outdoor kitchens, etc.) and create the sense of continual flow. Without this barrier, your home will look and feel much more spacious.

These are just a handful of the ways you can create an elegant, spacious custom home on a small lot.

Spacious Custom Home Designs for Your Lot – and Your Life

Sure, great custom home designs depend largely on your lot and its features. But exceptional designs depend on you. What do you want and need from your home? When you work with G&G Custom Homes, we work together to create, innovate, and take advantage of every square foot (and every square inch!) of your space.

Have design dreams you want to bring to life? Let our design team walk with you through the process and help you accomplish those design goals.