Fill in the blank:

Building a custom home is___________________.

If you said, Stressful! Overwhelming! or, I don’t even know; it scares me! … You are not alone. And you’ve come to the right place.

Your Ultimate Guide to Custom Home Building

Ready to get started on your forever home but wondering where to begin? Here!

Dream Big

Every custom home is unique, but each one starts with a vision. What do you want and need from a home? Even more fundamental: What is home? This is your opportunity to bring that dream to life. So start here. Imagine. Draw inspiration from magazines, online galleries, open houses, showrooms, and more. And if you think it’s too early to start talking to an interior designer… It’s not. Bringing these professionals in from the get-go, along with a trusted builder, can help streamline the process while ensuring each element, from foundation to furnishings, works for you.


Do Your Homework

Admittedly, this step is not as much fun as dreaming! But accessing reputable, relevant information is crucial on your custom home building journey.  As they used to say in the landline and yellow page days: Let your fingers do the walking. In other words, before you proceed, arm yourself with knowledge on every step of the process, from financing and finding a lot to selecting a builder and deciding on design features.

Take advantage of G&G’s blog and our helpful eBook, Built for Living. This will give the headstart you need to feel confident with your own custom build. There are, of course, many other resources available online (e.g. the National Association of Home Builders) and trusted professionals.

Build a Budget

Again, not as much fun as dreaming! Establishing a budget for your project is one of the most critical pieces of the custom home puzzle. As when purchasing an existing home, it is important to check your credit report, clear up outstanding debt (especially “bad” debt), and generally get your affairs in order. At this point, you will also want to gather necessary documents, such as income and bank statements, proof of assets, etc., to streamline the financing process.

What is the budgetary ballpark in which you are playing? Looking at the facts and figures, determine an amount with which you are comfortable and, if applying for a mortgage, plan for at least a 20-25% down payment. Knowing these numbers will help guide your choices down the road, and it is also essential that your building team is aware of these as well.

Location, Location, Location

Your dream home encompasses more than the area within its walls; it also includes the area in which it is located. Do you have a lot in mind? Is it developed? Undeveloped? Is it in a community? Decide which of these best suits you, your household, and your lifestyle. Note that for undeveloped lots, you will have to think about installing utilities, running power, grading and leveling the land, etc., which can add significantly to your budget.

When you have a lot that is perfect for your forever home, visit and do a walk-through with your builder. They will be able to assess the space and determine if any modifications to your design plans are necessary.

Get Going

Many of the tasks involved with the custom home building process run concurrently. For example, you may be dreaming, investigating builders while ensuring your finances are in order. This preliminary work leads to some concrete steps (literally in some cases!), such as finalizing your design, paying your deposit, and seeing the framework of your house begin to take shape. You are within reach of your final walk-through and coming home.

The G&G Process

This “Ultimate Guide to Home Building” is, of course, just a teaser, if you will! The process can be lengthy and intense. This is why G&G builds a select number of homes each year; homeowners have the opportunity to work directly with owner Joe Garcia and the team. With personalized attention throughout every phase, the entire experience is much more smooth, positive, and ultimately, rewarding! This is the G&G Difference.

Be sure to download Built for Living for more in-depth information on building a custom home. When you’re ready, connect with the G&G team.