Why should you make the move to Central Indiana? Because we told you so…. No? You need a more compelling reason? Luckily, there are several benefits to relocating to the Hoosier State. While we may be a bit biased, objectively speaking… This is a wonderful area to call “home”! 

Welcome to the Hoosier State 

First, folks, what in the world is a Hoosier?! Your guess is as good as ours. Some say it comes from the pioneers. When someone knocked on the door, the settler responded, “Who’s yere?” Others argue it is a term used to describe Indiana rivermen who were so well-versed in the art of brawling, that they were known as “hushers” (which became Hoosiers), They hushed their adversaries with their superior skills! A favorite theory is that early settlers were remarkably handy with their fists – and teeth. Seeing an ear on the tavern floor was so common that people would just remark casually, “Whose ear?” after they ordered their beer. 

Colorful legends aside, you will have to go far and wide to find people as welcoming and engaging as those in Central Indiana. That, and… 

The Cost of Living 

Indiana residents enjoy a relatively low cost of living. Data from the National Association of REALTORS, for example, shows that the cost of a typical home is less than 2/3 of the national average. The area also enjoys a comparatively low property tax rate; the median annual property tax is $1371, far below the US average of $2795.The average effective property tax rate is 0.75% to the US’s 0.99%. While taxes will vary based on your location, as well as other factors such as value, a lower starting point is certainly highly desirable for homeowners. 

The Hoosier State is also friendlier on the budget when it comes to life’s essentials. Measuring the cost of living is like scoring in golf: the lower the better! The indices are based on a US average of 100. Above 100 means that an area is more expensive than average, while a score of below 100 means it is less pricy.  

  • Groceries: 92.9 
  • Health 94.4 
  • Housing: 63.8 
  • Utilities: 97.2 
  • Transportation: 85.4 
  • Overall: 83.7 

Strong Economy and Job Market 

On a related note, a vibrant and diverse economy and advantageous job market make Central Indiana a draw for many. It has been described as “red hot” and even “white hot.” Because there does tend to be a war for talent, so to speak, workers are in the position of being able to demand higher wages, negotiate better (or more flexible) terms and conditions, and select positions that suit their needs and interests. 

Great Schools 

Whether you are thinking about your children’s futures or your own, Central Indy offers exceptional opportunities for education, training, and advancement. High performing public elementary, middle, and high schools receive top marks when it comes to student proficiency, growth, graduation rates, and career/college readiness. 

Additionally, the region is home to a wealth of post-secondary colleges, universities, and trade schools, including Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis. Again, this is an important consideration if you have children, but also if you are seeking to extend your own education and career. 

Safe Communities 

Home should always feel like a place of refuge. This extends past the walls of your house into your neighborhoods and the streets beyond. Central Indiana boasts a low cri

Plenty to See, Do – and Eat! 

There’s nothing to do in Central Indiana… Except everything! Blessed with stunning natural beauty, there are endless adventures to be had, from hiking and biking to walking the famed Nickel Plate Trail. If art is your jam, visit galleries and museums – or the ample public art on display around cities like Fishers. If jam is your jam, hit Farmer’s Markets and shops with the freshest products in town. Love music? We have festivals, concerts, pubs, and clubs. Shows? Theaters and performing arts centers will keep you entertained year-round. 

There is something for every taste – and this most definitely applies to the menus featured at our many restaurants, cafes, and eateries. From farm-to-table, classic American, and haute cuisine to coffee shops, bakeries, and breweries, you will be sure to sate your appetite. 

Making the Move to Central Indiana?  

Good call! Central Indiana has a great deal to offer, not the least of which is a stunning home in which you can put down roots, make lifetime memories, and connect with your community. 

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photos: Hamilton County