If you love to bake, you know the challenges a small kitchen presents. From rolling out dough to letting cookies and cupcakes rest after baking, there never seems to be enough space in the kitchen. When you’re planning your new custom home, think about your kitchen and how you can make the most of the space to hone your baking skills and cook up delicious delicacies for the entire family. From ovens to appliances to storage and more, make sure you think of all the small details when you design your kitchen. If you need some help getting started, take a look at a few of our best design tips for making your kitchen a baking dream!

Quartz and Corian countertops

Stone countertops stay cool and smooth. This is great for the baker rolling dough and creating confections. The dough won’t stick and you won’t have to worry about messy, sticky, surfaces after rolling out the dough. You’re going to want plenty of countertop space to spread out, use all of your tools and easily move through your space.

Rolling Cart

Space is limited in any kitchen, big or small. If you love to bake or cook there never seems to be enough space to store everything you need to make the perfect holiday meal or baked goods to send with your kids for the first day of school. One way to combat the space issues is with a rolling cart. A rolling cart gives you the freedom and flexibility to store supplies and bring them out when you need them. Another plus to the rolling cart is the ability to move it around the kitchen with you. Giving you the ability to cut, dice, roll and mix wherever is most convenient for you.

Tray and baking pan storage helps keep you organized and frees up space when you need it the most.

Double Ovens

Any baker is likely making multiple confections at the same. To make the most of your time in your kitchen, double ovens are great options to get more done in less time. While your cake bakes, you can double down and make cupcakes or cookies at the same time. Or make multiple layers, perfect for a tiered cake for a special occasion. Baking takes enough time as it is, no need to sit around and wait for the oven to finish baking one thing before starting another. Not just for baking, double ovens make cooking large family holiday meals a breeze. No more spending all day in the kitchen on Thanksgiving. Build your custom dream kitchen with the space and amenities to do it all.

Cookbook Storage

Even seasoned chefs need a cookbook every now and then. Part of the joy of baking and cooking is discovering new recipes and pushing the limits of your own culinary capabilities. Finding space in the kitchen to store your cookbooks can be a challenge. Other equipment takes precedence over cookbooks and in a lot of cases, cookbooks end up on the bookshelf and don’t get used as much as they should. Building cookbook shelving into your custom kitchen is a great way to make sure you use those cookbooks and stretch your creativity with new desserts and dishes.

Counter Scale

Baking is a science as much as it is an art. To make the perfect batter, you need a scale to measure out the perfect mix to make light, fluffy, and delicious desserts. Eliminate the bulky scale and waste of space with a built-in countertop scale. Easily pour your ingredients out on the countertop and convert weights and measurements all in one place.

Pull Out Counter Space

Extra space is always a good thing. When you’re short on space, consider adding pull out counter space to make your custom home kitchen more functional and accessible. When cooking and baking with others, there never seems like enough space. Pull out counters easily pull out to create temporary space, and fold back in when the cooking is done. Consider a pull out cutting board over the sink or in a place that you can easily push the waste into the trash can.


Blenders, mixers, processors and more. In most cases, these appliances need a power source. When dreaming up your custom home kitchen, make sure you add plenty of outlets to give yourself the freedom to plug in your appliance where it makes the most sense for you. You won’t regret too many outlets, but you will regret limitations in the kitchen because of your lack of outlets or outlet placement.

With these custom home kitchen ideas in mind, think of how your kitchen can make your baking easier, more efficient and fun for the whole family. Your kitchen is your place to create and bake love into every confection you create. Need help getting started with your baking space? Get in touch with one of our design specialists and we’ll help you create the best space for you and your family!