Nothing says entertainment quite like a luxury home movie theater. When designing a home theater, it’s easy to get caught up in the latest and greatest technology and gadgets, but building a home theater the entire family can enjoy goes beyond stereo systems and the best flat screen TV. Think about things like the type of carpet, seating arrangements, the view of the screen and other elements around the theater to maximize your movie-viewing experience.


One of the best things about going to a theater is the comfortable seat you get to sit in while enjoying a film. Sure, the home couch is a comfortable spot to enjoy a movie with the family, but theater-style seating makes certain everyone has enough room to get comfortable and relax. You can opt for couch style seating built into tiers so everyone has the best view in the room. You could also choose individual seating with leg support, cup holders and snack stations. Make sure the material you choose can easily be cleaned if a soda happens to fall over and needs to be cleaned.

In home movie theater seating in custom home


When designing your home theater, make sure it’s set up for cleanliness. We all know the sticky floors associated with movie theaters thanks to spilled soda, sticky candy, and buttery popcorn. Choose a carpet that can easily be cleaned, yet still feels comfortable underfoot. You want to maximize the sound quality in the room, so opt for flooring that absorbs some of the sound and avoid hard flooring that will make sound bounce around the room.

Features Around the Theater

What’s the worst part about watching a movie at the theater? Missing the best part due to a trip to the bathroom. Yes, you can always pause the movie to take a short break at home, but plan to add a bathroom or two to the room that holds your theater so you and guests can quickly take a break and come back to finish the film without traveling upstairs.

Every good sleepover has movies and snacks. Consider adding a kitchen or kitchenette to the space around the theater. Easily make and serve snacks or pull cold beverages from the fridge with a semi-attached kitchen. No need to carry trays of food and refreshments from upstairs or take multiple trips to get everything you need for the ultimate movie viewing experience. Make cleanup a breeze with a sink and cabinet space to store dishes after the movie is over.


Of course, the technology is probably the primary focus for the home movie theater. Carefully consider the type of stereo equipment you want in the theater and consider a projector or large screen for comfortable viewing for everyone. Another feature often overlooked is the lighting in the room. Dimmers are great for gradually turning up the lights after a movie. As your eyes readjust, you can slowly bring up the lights and save yourself from the blinding light of abruptly going from dark to light. On the subject of lights, consider remote control access to the lights so you and your guests can get comfortable first, then turn down the lights from the comfort of your seat.

Multi-Use Theater Room

What will you use your theater for the most? Just movies? Or movies, music, and gaming? Think about the storage solutions in your home theater and consider adding shelving for game consoles and other equipment. Serious gamers love a big screen to get the most out of a game, so think about planning the space for the gamer in your life.

Your home theater should be the place in your home where the whole family can come together and enjoy quality time. Take the time to plan your space for usability for years to come. Technology changes at breakneck speed, so build in some flexibility for yourself when it comes to the design. You might want to upgrade your stereo system at one point or invest in the latest and greatest screen for optimal viewing. If you need help getting started with your custom theater, reach out to the design professionals at G&G Custom Homes and get started today!