When you live in the Midwest, you tend to yearn for time on the coast. An occasional vacation to the ocean helps, but you may not want to give up that beachy feel during the rest of the year.

Fortunately, you can own an Indianapolis area home that embodies the look and spirit of the coast. Merely adding waterside accessories to an existing house can’t give you the design you desire. You’ll l be happier if you build your own individualized beach-inspired home.


wood panel floor in custom home

Beach homes can be constructed with a variety of materials, but in general, the exterior and interior are bright and airy. This effect can be created with cedar shakes, stucco, and even cement. Natural woods are emphasized, although a brightly colored metal roof is the choice for some home buyers. You can build a home with these lighter-looking materials that will still be able to withstand Midwestern winters.


color swatches for custom home

Create a coastal look by relying on neutrals. Consider using soft grays, tans, off-white, etc. Some people do prefer slightly darker homes that are closer to brown. Either way, a  beach home should reflect the natural color palette found near the water.

Blue is a fail-safe choice to bring that fresh beach look.  Adding blue as trim, possibly to roofing, is a no-brainer. Touches of blue with a neutral interior immediately bring the feeling of water into your new home. But remember, white and blue aren’t your only color choices. Nautical touches of red or other primary colors are perfectly acceptable.

Design Elements

Beach homes are largely defined by their open, roomy interiors. An open floor plan with natural wood floors such as bamboo and eucalyptus keep things light. Additionally, large windows are essential to let in as much sun as possible.

Porches or decks are also a nice addition that allows you and your family to enjoy the outdoors. Gaze out on the view, whether it includes water or not. Some designs include an open breezeway that allows for outdoor living and even more exposure to light and warmth.

Your beach home can contain a number of individualized elements that capture the look and feel of New England, California, Florida, and  any other water-side area. You can reside in the Midwest and still live in a beautiful beach home. All you need is an accomplished custom builder to help bring your vision to life. If you’re ready to meet a builder ready and able to make your beach-inspired home a reality, contact our established team of design experts to get started!