There’s no doubt about it: Winter is typically considered the “off season” when it comes to building a house. But does that mean you can’t do it? Absolutely not! In fact, there are many benefits to launching a project in the colder months – but there are also some considerations to keep in mind. 

So… Can you build a house in the winter? Yes. Should you? Let’s find out if this is the right path for you. 

Building a House in the Winter 

When it comes to cold weather, ice, and snow, most of us picture ourselves snuggling in our cozy homes rather than building said home! But now may be the right time for you. Some benefits that you can realize by building your house in the winter: 

Your Overall Project Can Be Enhanced – and Accelerated  

We call it the off-season for a reason: many homeowners wait until spring or summer to start their project. There is less competition for builders, and homeowners can expect more personalized attention as many have more time to devote to making your project a true success. Your timeline may be faster for this reason and for the others we’ll discuss next. 

Scheduling May Be Easier  

Subcontractors, construction crews, electricians, plumbers, and other necessary players are typically also less busy during this time, so they can be scheduled with greater ease and speed. Given the labor crunch, this is very good news for those who don’t want to wait any longer than necessary for their forever home. 

Permitting/Inspections Is Often Faster 

Again, because the average homeowner builds in spring/summer, winter is also a slow season for permitting officials and inspectors. With fewer people applying, they can move permits through the process more quickly and streamline inspection timelines. 

Quality Is Not Impacted 

The myth persists, though, that building in winter can impact quality. You can’t set concrete properly and additives only make it weaker. Cold will wreak havoc on lumber. Crews won’t be able to work up to their usual standard because of the conditions. 

No, no, and no. You can set concrete in winter, and there is no difference in quality or strength. Kiln-dried lumber can actually fare better because humidity levels tend to be much lower and the drying process is accelerated. And construction workers tend to be a hardy bunch. Builders routinely work in rough conditions – and some even prefer winter over the long, hot, humid days of summer! When you have an experienced team (who knows which materials and techniques to use to accommodate the weather), then winter is not an insurmountable obstacle at all.  

You Can Look Forward to Summer! 

When you build in winter, your move-in date could well be the following summer. If you’ve dreamed of a beautifully landscaped yard, a vibrant flower garden, a peaceful patio, or backyard gatherings with friends, family, and neighbors, then this is the season for you. 

But what should you keep in mind when considering a custom home build in winter?  

Some Potential Disadvantages of Building in Winter 

As always, where there are “pros,” there are also “cons.”  

It May Cost More 

When building in the winter, your team must put precautions into place to ensure the highest quality. They may have to install temporary heating inside, implement a solution for heating concrete and/or plan for proper aggregates, remove snow, and budget more for fuel/energy as a result. 

Without a doubt, some costs are higher in the winter but remember that these expenses are nominal when compared to your overall project budget. Further, many builders increase pricing in the spring/summer, so you could end up paying more if you wait. 

Winter Can Cause Delays  

Winter can make it more time-consuming to excavate; equipment can take longer to warm up (which also increases costs); crews need to set up temporary heating and lighting equipment. Winter can impact your schedule in many ways – and let’s not forget about snowstorms, ice storms, and blizzards.  

However, every season has the potential for severe weather, from thunderstorms to tornadoes. Not even the most skilled builder can control the weather – but they can take every precaution and proactive step necessary to ensure work goes on smoothly and safely.  

The Days are Shorter 

In winter, 5:00pm feels like bedtime! We have much shorter days – and of course this means your team will have fewer daylight hours to complete their work. This can result in delays if they do not have lighting solutions or if work would be hazardous if attempted in anything less than full light. Most toil through, plan major activities for “prime” times of the day, and hustle to get your house built. 

Is Now the Time? 

Winter can be a highly advantageous time to build your house. If it’s right for you, neither rain, nor snow nor gloom of night (to paraphrase the good old USPS) will keep your G&G team from doing what we do best: bringing your dream house to life. No matter what time of year, though, you can be assured of a personalized, one-on-one experience that is nearly as exciting as your results will be. 

If a beautiful house is on your winter wish list, connect with G&G Custom Homes.