If you’re having a custom home built, it’s a great opportunity to keep your specific needs in mind while creating the house’s layout. One characteristic to keep in mind while creating your custom home design is your organization style — that is, whether you’re naturally good at keeping your space organized or whether built-in features could help facilitate keeping the place neat and clean.

If you’re a natural pack rat, there are some creative storage solutions that you can incorporate into your custom home, so you can more easily keep your house organized. Here are some of the best.

Staircase Drawers

Are you someone who often leaves things on the stairs — either as a reminder to bring them up or down and put them away? Stop using the stairs as a storage space and incorporate a storage solution into the stairs by adding staircase drawers. Drawers on the side of a staircase, or even steps that can be pulled out and used as drawers, are an excellent way to stow items that you’re constantly bringing up and down — like shoes, cleaning supplies and other useful household items.

Entry Bench with Storage

The entryway of a house is an easy place to get cluttered since it’s the spot where many people drop their stuff when they first come into a home. Create a built-in bench right by the front door for people to sit down to put on and take off their shoes as they come and go. Make the bench a storage bench, with spots for items underneath. That way, you can keep items you often take with you right at the door — like umbrellas, reusable shopping bags, and shoes. Benches are also great for items you don’t use as often like winter clothes or extra bedding and pillows.

Built-in Bookcases

Do you have a den or living room where you’ll sit and read, or display your books? Have built-in bookcases installed along an entire wall (or multiple) in this room. Built-in bookcases ensure that you always have a place to store all of the books you’ve acquired over the years. A built-in bookcase is also a visual focal point that adds to the aesthetic of a room.

Built-in Garage Shelving

One area in the home that seems to get more cluttered than other spaces in the garage. Christmas ornaments, personal mementos, and items to be donated all seem to land in the garage. When designing your custom home, built in storage shelves in the garage to keep everything in order. Extend this organization to the workbench with drawers, hooks, and shelving for keeping tools easily accessible when you need them.

If you’re designing a custom home and you have a problem keeping things organized, consider incorporating storage solutions into your design. This will ensure that your home facilitates your keeping it clean, and up the chances that your space stays organized, neat, and pleasant to spend time in, no matter how long you live there. Ready to make your home clutter-proof? Contact our design professionals to get started on planning your perfect home.