Your pets are your family, so you want them to be as comfortable and happy as you are. They may already sleep in your bed, eat the best pet food and travel with you on vacation. When designing a home, consider adding some custom features for your pets to make them even more comfortable.

Heated Floors

Chilly floors are hard on humans, but you can always pull on a pair of socks. To keep your pet’s daytime area warm during cold weather, have a heated floor installed. If your pet stays in the garage, this element will allow them to stay comfortable while you are gone. If your pets like to stay in the living room or den, installing a heated floor there will be great for them and for you.

Timed Feeders

Adding timed, built-in feeders during your home’s design is convenient and affordable. Plus, these custom feeders will simply look more attractive. Timed feeders ensure that your pets are fed when they need to be and help prevent overfeeding. If you have to rush in the morning or stay late at the office, your dogs and cats won’t be hungry as a result.

Dog Wash Area

You can add a tub or shower area in your mudroom so you can wash your dog there before they can dirty up the rest of the house. After a rainy day trek, you may want to give your dog a shower before moving further into the house.

Custom Dog Crate

The average dog crate is hard on the eyes and not that comfortable for your pet. You can have a built-in crate added to your new home that blends with the decor and gives your pet a roomy, livable space. These areas can be placed into the wall or under the stairs and look more like a mini-bedroom than a metal prison.

Scratch-Resistant Flooring

Dogs, cats, and kids can all wreak havoc on some types of flooring. Choose scratch-resistant materials that stay intact even when your pet tries to dig a hole through the floor. Some excellent choices are sealed concrete, tile, bamboo or cork.

In-Door Outdoor Living

When you are away or simply busy, having an area that is pet friendly indoors and out improves the quality of your pet’s life and yours as well. Your mudroom can be designed to let your pet out into a safe fenced area that allows them to get the exercise they need.

Consult with your custom builder to create a home that is human- and pet-friendly. That way, the entire family is happy and well-sheltered. When you’re ready to create the best dog-friendly spaces for your home, give us a call and we’ll help you create the perfect home for the entire family!