One poorly placed window can throw the lighting of a room off balance. Imagine sitting down to dinner and one beam of light comes shining in, directly where you’re seated. A better design plan could have prevented the one seat at the table no one wants to sit in. Home planning takes a lot of attention to detail.

Typically we see houses built to work with the plot of land they’re built on, but to maximize the home, builders, designers, and homeowners need to take a close look at the position of the home, design elements, and look for opportunities to maximize the flow and function for everyday life.

The Sun

Are you the type of person who likes waking up with the sun? Consider positioning your bedroom on the east side of the home to take advantage of those morning rays. Or sit down to dinner every evening to a colorful sunset. If this sounds appealing, give your kitchen a window to the west and position your dining area for twilight views. Use your window location, size, and shape to your advantage. Small windows high on walls are great for spaces that require a little extra privacy, without eliminating natural light altogether.


You spent a lot of time picking the perfect plot for your new custom home, make sure you can enjoy it from the inside too. Is there water nearby you’ll want to look out over while drinking your first cup of coffee in the morning? Or maybe there’s a spectacular view out in front of the house. Position windows, and the home, so that you can make the most of your surroundings.


We all love a light summer breeze drifting through the home on a clear warm night. Make sure your home is set up to do just that. Typically, north facing homes are best to take advantage of a natural flow throughout. Take your climate into consideration as well. Here in Indiana, we have harsh winters and moderately hot summers, so positioning the long side of your home to the north helps your home naturally defend against the elements. Is there a room in your house now you can’t seem to cool down, even when the rest of the house is freezing? This could be because of the placement of your windows during the summer months. Factor those locations in all year long, keep the heat of the sun in mind. Rooms with many large windows tend to get much warmer in the summer, making it difficult to control the temperature.

Not all plots of land come with the perk of choosing the perfect place to position it. But you do have options with design items like windows and room placement. Think about your favorite times of the day and where you are in the home at that time so you can take the best advantage of the views your windows offer. This also factors in when thinking about lighting. Are you going to put a television in your living room? Make sure there isn’t a large picture window creating a glare. Our advice is to picture yourself living in the blueprints as you plan because your custom home, it should be perfect for you and your family during each part of the day, and all year long. Ready to get planning your own custom home? Our professional designers are ready to hear your thoughts, offer advice and help you make your plans become a reality!