Sharp angles, clean lines, muted colors are all features of modern design. Although still called modernism, this style has been around since the 1900’s. Home design trends come and go from popularity but some styles have been able to stand the test of time. As we look toward the future, what can we expect for future home design?

It’s clear with smart technology and voice-activated home assistance, that homes are getting smarter every day. Inspired by technology, we took a look at what some designers think home design will look like in the future.

Solar and Wind Powered Homes

We’re seeing solar panels pop up on roofs across the world, and this is expected to not only continue, but expand. Eco-friendly design is a fixture in home building and will become even more so in the future. Wind power, solar and eco-friendly design are working their way into all styles of home design. Using green materials and green building guidelines, as a society, we’re moving closer to sustainable design for the future.


Underground home design

Some specialists envision building down instead of up. ‘Earth Scrapers’ are subterranean structures built into the earth. Designed as upside-down pyramids, these structures would feature a hollow center to ensure each floor gets light. In 2011, Mexico City announced plans to construct the first earthscraper to house thousands in the city.


The tiny home movement is just the beginning of micro-living according to some designers. Heavily populated cities are facing living space shortages and high rent prices. For some city dwellers, less is more. Micro-living condenses a typical one bedroom apartment to a living space smaller than the studio apartments we’re accustomed to. Some apartment complexes have already adopted this idea. Take for example this New York City apartment measuring only 370 square feet.


According to futurist Ian Pearson of the World Academy for Arts and Science, the future could mean in-building living experiences. Imagine everything you could need in one structure. The grocery store, the office, the park, all conveniently located within the building you live in. While this seems decades away, we’re really much closer than you might think. Work communities throughout the world embrace living experiences clustered around the place of work. This idea comes from maximizing space and constructing buildings taller than we ever have before.


underwater homing dome

We’ve all thought about how awesome it would be to live underwater and see fish and sea creatures swim by as we prepare dinner or vacuum the living room. Another future-thinking design is a self-contained underwater living sphere. Estimated to be powered by waves and solar power, these underwater structures would house entire cities in the depths of our world’s ocean.

While these ideas might seem bizarre, there really is no way of knowing what the future holds for home design and futuristic living. Only time will tell how living will change in the future and how technology will shape how, and where, we live. If you’re looking to build your perfect oasis in this century, contact our design specialists to get started on your custom home!