In the wake of a new year, we look forward to seeing what’s trending when it comes to fashion, art, color, culture, technology, and, of course, home building and design. Undoubtedly, we’ve all been on a wild rollercoaster the past few years (even more so than usual!), and 2024 promises a return to calm, tranquility, and beauty. What’s in store for us – and what should you keep in mind as you plan your custom home build?

5 Can’t-Miss Custom Home Building Trends

When you are about to turn your long-held dream of home into reality, it pays to take some time and explore the trends that are making an impact. Here are five that will inspire you on your journey

1. Old Is New Again

We live in a time of constant change. It can be hard to keep up – but, at home, we just don’t have to! We can luxuriate in a world truly our own. It’s no surprise that timeless style is asserting itself in custom homes. Think of it as a little calm in the chaos. Materials like brick, handcrafted clay tiles, rustic wood, and glamorous stone are ideal for this aesthetic, and we’re also seeing the integration of handmade features, from bespoke vanities to one-of-a-kind artwork to wooden cabinetry and shelves.

The overall feel is very organic, clean, and classic. It’s also spot-on for folks who plan on aging in place (more on that hot 2024 trend soon!) because you just cannot tire of timeless elegance!

In G&G’s stunning Mediterranean home, wood, stone, and tile make a powerful statement, while ample natural light ensures style that will simply never go out of style. Little touches, like the on-trend fluted wood accents on the kitchen island complete the look flawlessly.

2. Storage for Days!

It’s a common lament: There is never enough storage! One of our favorite 2024 custom home trends takes on this age-old problem and solves it handily! There are several options for discreet storage; especially popular today:

  • Upper Cabinets. The fad of forgoing upper cabinets or utilizing open shelves is not over, but upper cabinets are working their way back into kitchens. This is invaluable storage space – and it can help you maintain a clutter-free look to boot.
  • Butler’s Pantries. No butler required for this secondary kitchen. This trend is… Well, at this point, it’s not a trend as much as a must for those of us who want to eliminate clutter and ensure there is a place for everything… and everything is discreetly in its place. While it clears your countertops, cupboards, and cabinets, the butler’s pantry also keeps your main kitchen “guest ready” at all times. Going beyond the idea of a pantry, this room can house just about anything your regular kitchen does, including range, oven, warming drawers, beverage fridges, second sink, etc., as well as all of your appliances.
  • Appliance Garage. Another option is a garage appliance to get countertop appliances out of the way when not in use but easily accessible when you need them. We love our gadgets (and we really love that coffee maker) but don’t love the space they take up or the clutter they create. Park them in the garage.
  • Mudrooms. These all-purpose rooms are perfect for storing outdoor gear during every season. Chic designs ensure that form is never sacrificed for function. Mudrooms are a perennial chart-topper when it comes to custom home trends.

3. Comfort and Joy: Hues That Hit

When making a house a home, color is an unsung hero. 2024 is ushering in a sense of calm and tranquility with:

  • Warm Neutrals. Move over, stark gray and cold white. Soft neutrals, like creamy off-whites, comfy beiges, and sumptuous browns are taking over the home as we seek quiet in a loud world. “Cozy” is the keyword.
  • Jewel Tones. A move towards taupe doesn’t mean homeowners are afraid to play with color. Deep jewel hues, such as burgundy, plum, mustard, and green strike a perfect note in all-over design or in accents.
  • Nothing evokes peace and calm better than blue. Expect to see more than a few blue shades appear as Colors of the Year. Again, it can be a main attraction or a strategic accent.

4. Outdoor Oasis: Staycation Time!

Outdoor living spaces are not new, but they are fast becoming the “best room in the house” when it comes to custom homes. Trending now:

  • Cozy Corners. Even if you have a large lot, a small, intimate area is perfect for family and close friends to gather and enjoy the quiet beauty of nature (there’s that word again… Quiet). Think of this as your secret garden!
  • Entertainment Spaces. Now, here’s party central! An outdoor kitchen and lounge is the ideal spot for backyard barbeques, neighborhood get-togethers, and rambunctious kids’ birthdays. With a fire pit, outdoor TV, lawn games, built-in speakers, and more, this will be the place to kick back.
  • Screened- or Glassed-In Porches. Anyone love mosquito season? No, we thought not. A screened- or glassed-in area allows you to enjoy the bounty of nature while staying comfortable. This is a great way to blur the lines between indoors and out.
  • Natural Gardens. There is a distinct move towards naturalistic, native landscaping and gardens. Not only are these a great habitat for pollinators, they make maintenance a breeze, use resources sparingly, and… last but not least… are showstoppers.

5. Aging in Place

In an overall trend that we can all get on board with, there is a focus on aging in a way that is healthy, fulfilling, and fabulous. Not surprisingly, this is showing up in custom homes as owners prioritize aging in place. We want to stay home, live in comfort, and enjoy the conveniences that we need now and in the future. To this end, we are seeing a surge in features like curbless showers, shower/bath benches, non-slip flooring, discrete and sexy grab bars, and more.

With some strategic planning, downstairs playrooms or game rooms can transform into luxe, and accessible, master suites, extra-wide entryways and flush thresholds can accommodate mobility devices and wheelchairs, open floor plans and ample space in high traffic areas (e.g. between counters and cooking surfaces), smart technology, and more can be easily integrated now so your custom home “grows” with you.

Building Your Forever Home

G&G Custom Homes intentionally selects a limited number of home builds each year so that our team, led by owner Joe Garcia, can give each client the attention, information, and guidance they need along the way. A house should be a reflection of those who live in it, regardless of what’s “hot” this year. By exploring trends and integrating features and design that work for you, your dream is about to come to fruition.

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