Home-a-Rama 2024 promises to be a banner year for the renowned home showcase, featuring five of the top builders in the region. The G&G team will be there, waiting to welcome you home. Our Promontory build makes the most of each lakefront inch of the impressive 2.07 acre lot with mature privacy trees, glass walls, abundant windows, and an outdoor living area that wows.

Architect Emily Handke, of Emily Handke Design, was integral in transforming Lot B-16 into a stunning showpiece – and designer Hilari Goris has been equally essential in bringing the project to life. Let’s catch up with Hilari and talk about Home-a-Rama 2024 design selections.

Home-a-Rama 2024 Design Selections

Hilari Goris, owner of Hilary Goris Designs, G&G’s designer for the Home-a-Rama 2024 show, says, “Joe and I [have] worked together for going on 10 years. He trusted me when I first went out on my own with his first home show. I’ve proven myself with him – he does give me free rein!” Within reason, she is quick to add. With any homeowner and project, there are budgets, allowances, and considerations to keep in mind. Hilari works her magic, working with the best vendors and sourcing the most advantageous deals.

How does one even begin to tackle such a large-scale, and high profile, project? Hilari says, “I have to have a base, a starting point. I always think of wood. The biggest portion of square footage throughout the home is our wood flooring. I want to find the right tone, the right texture that really signifies the feeling of the home. I always start with that.”

From there, Hilari moves on to the master bathroom, obviously one of the most important rooms in a home. “Given the layout and the feel of the home, we simply start layering.” For example, when selecting wood flooring at ICC Floors, ICC project manager Sean Abram introduced Hilari to a new line of beautiful tile. She thought, “I have to use that somewhere!” She incorporated it into the master shower, and “I just keep layering pieces that I find that I love.”

Then, it’s a matter of continuing to do just that… Layering pieces that capture the look and feel of the home and, in this case, that will allow a Home-a-Rama 2024 showgoer to envision themselves in this space.

As with any build, it is important to recognize this is a process. Hilari says, “This is months in the making. This didn’t happen overnight, but the end result is going to be beautiful.

Explore Promontory

As Hilari says, the Promontory “neighborhood is unique.” So is this beautifully crafted home, which is for sale with attendant incentives. For details, visit us.

Intrigued? Curious? Take a sneak peak – and we’ll see you at Home-a-Rama 2024!