Custom Homes Master BedroomHaving a high quality of life, enough energy for the day, clear thinking and optimal health has been shown to be linked to the level of quality sleep over and over again. When building your custom home take the time to incorporate design elements into your master bedroom to support a good night’s sleep.

Babies and little ones usually have a night time routine to get their minds and bodies ready to wind down for the evening. We as grownups need to build in the same cues for ourselves so that by the time our heads hit the pillow we can easily drift off to dreamland.

Here are some ideas to get you in the mood for sleep!

Keep Business Out of Bed

It’s important to reserve your bed for sleep. Avoid the urge to work on your laptop in bed so that you don’t introduce confusing cues to your body. Keep your bed clear of work so that your body understands that it’s time to get some sleep…or some action.

If you want some areas in your master bedroom where you can do a little work, consider creating a nook away from the bed for a small workspace or even a sitting area with a fireplace for quiet private time with your partner. That way you can have separate spaces for different activities in your master bedroom.

Keep it Dark

To boost melatonin production at night make sure that you increase light exposure during the day and keep your room as dark as possible at night.

Try not to fall asleep with the television on. If you must have a television in your bedroom consider installing a retractable TV cabinet or sliding doors for your wall mounted TV so that it can completely go away during sleep time.

Have dimmers installed in your bedroom so that as it gets closer to bedtime you can reduce the amount of light that is stimulating your brain. Don’t read from backlit devices but choose reading devices that aren’t backlit or read directly from a book.

Install black out blinds or window coverings to fully block out any outside light. There are automatic shades that you can have installed so that you can close them with a click of a button.

Cool it Down

Most people sleep better with a slightly cooler temperature around 65 F or 18 C and good ventilation. Set your thermometer on a timer to a comfortable sleeping temperature for you and your partner. As the temperature begins to hit the ideal sleeping temperature it will also create another cue for your body to begin to wind down for a great night of sleep.

Choose Relaxing Colors

Colors have an effect on our mood and emotions. Yellows and oranges are generally energizing colors whereas blues and greys tend to bring about more calming sensations. Think about this when choosing paint colors for your bedroom. Take it a step further with your décor and choose furniture, bedding and accessories that are not jarring to your mind but create a feeling of peace and comfort.

Of course these aren’t the only ways to create a restful design for your master bedroom. Here are a few more tips to increase your quality of sleep.

Listen to Audio Books

Remember how having a book read to us in the evening was so relaxing? Well you can keep that going as an adult by playing your favorite “books on tape”.

Take a Warm Shower or Bath

Deck out your bathroom and create a home spa that can aid in relaxation before bed.

Write Down Your Thoughts

Sometimes our minds can be racing for thoughts and ideas. It’s helpful to have a notebook by your bed to quickly jot down whatever is on your mind so that you can sleep.

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