Custom Homes Rec RoomSo you’ve decided to build a custom home because you want a home that has everything you want and completely reflects you and your family’s personality. There are many opportunities throughout the design of your home to take full advantage of customization options. Basements are a great place to show your personality and reflect your lifestyle.

Here are three basement design ideas for your custom home:

Turn Your Basement into a Game Room

Do you like to frequently have friends and family over to play games and hang out? Consider creating a game room in your basement.

Include a card table for poker (or spades) to easily accommodate a variety of card games. If you enjoy cigars install vents that pull smoke out of the room.

Include a pool table, air hockey or vintage arcade games for all to enjoy.

Deck out your wet bar with a kitchen and wine fridge to make snacks and sustenance readily available for guests. Don’t forget to add several flat screen TVs so that people can enjoy several sports games at once.

Turn Your Basement into a Home Theater 

If your family is in to movies consider turning your basement into a home theater. Install plush theater seating, surround sound and theater lighting. You can sync your lights, sound and screen to work like a real theater to keep the experience authentic.

Great snacks are essential part of the theater experience. Stock up on your favorite theater food and install a theater counter with fountain drinks, a popcorn maker and your favorite treats.

Don’t feel like you have to stick with dark décor for your home theater. Integrate your personal style into your unique home theater. Whether you enjoy a modern aesthetic or a traditional theatrical feel GG custom homes can help you accomplish that.

Turn Your Basement into an Artist’s Hub

Maybe you are more into the arts and want to provide a place for you kids to explore their artistic sides. If your kids love to make movies create a production studio with a green screen and production lighting.

If they are into music and sound recording build a room with sound proof walls and an area for mixing boards.

Have a child into drawing and painting? Reserve an area for her canvases and large tables for art projects.

Take the opportunity to include spaces where they can show off their work to their friends and family. A small home theater would be an encouraging way for your future filmmaker to see her work up on the big screen. Create a stage where your future musician can rock out with friends. Install special gallery lighting for your little artisan to display her beautiful art work!

By using your basement in creative ways to reflect your family’s lifestyle you are investing in creating wonderful bonding moments for your family, encouraging your children in their endeavors and providing space to build deeper friendships.

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