As you plan your forever home, you want to design the perfect floor plan. A worthy – and overwhelming – endeavor!

So let’s start at the beginning and ask a simple question: Perfect for whom? Perfect in the eyes of magazines? Perfect in terms of envy-inducing online galleries? Perfect like “Don’t you dare sit on that arm chair, and forget about walking on my gorgeous marble floor!” Or perfect as in a plan that aligns… well, perfectly, with your preferences, lifestyle, and future needs?

Spoiler alert: It’s this last piece that matters above all. Forget everything else. Concentrate on designing the best floor plan… for you.

Designing the Perfect Floor Plan

Your ideal floor plan maximizes your home’s functionality and usability while creating the space you and your family need to live your life as you envision. To start moving your ideas, and dreams, to fruition:

1. Think About Your Needs and Lifestyle

Take a breath. The best time to truly consider your needs and lifestyle is before you launch into a full-scale project! Who are the people in your household? What are their daily routines and habits – and how will that evolve in the future? Given the way you live (and want to live) your life, what are your must-haves and nonnegotiable (e.g. X number of bedrooms and Y baths)? What elements are more flexible (e.g. dedicated home office/gym/playroom or space that could easily become these?).

Do you prioritize together time and entertaining, or do you value privacy? Do you want one space to flow organically into another, or do you desire cozy rooms – with doors that open and close on your terms?

You may think you’re an open floor plan type of person until you realize that, yes, you do want a quiet space for work, hobbies, or meditation. You may enjoy the privacy of your owner’s suite and individual bedrooms but crave the opportunities for connection. There is no wrong answer here – except the ones that do not align with your lifestyle. Take this time to consider it, to seek your household members’ feedback, and to listen to all the answers with an open mind (if not an open floor plan!).

2. Function First

A significant part of planning the perfect floor plan is considering the functionality you want to achieve from your home. Think of your home in terms of functional zones. You have “public” spaces, such as the kitchen, living room, utility rooms, mudroom, etc., and “private” zones, including bedrooms and ensuite baths. There are also transitional spaces, like hallways (or the aforementioned mudroom), that allow for seamless harmony in the overall layout. Your floor plan will ensure that each of these zones offers household members and guests what they need and that there are logical, smooth transitions.

3. Make the Most of Views and Light

You may have gorgeous natural light and/or a killer view of the lake, mountains, meadow, or garden. Your floor plan can help you make the most of these assets. You might, for example, wish to orient your house and design so it (and your veggie garden) takes full advantage of the midday sun or position your master suite or back deck so you can catch those amazing sunsets. These factors do influence your floor plan, so do not leave them out of the equation.

4. Look Ahead

The story of your life will encompass many chapters; your home is the book that holds them all. With this in mind, think ahead to what the future may hold. Your household may grow, contract, and change. Your needs will also shift. Careful, strategic design ensures that your home is ready for expansion, adaptation, and evolution. Whether that’s turning a playroom into a stunning owner’s suite once the children are too old for Chutes & Ladders or ensuring you can age in place beautifully, the right floor plan takes care of you now and through the decades.

At this point, you may have considered all of this and know exactly how to achieve your goals through your floor plan. If so, proceed to tip #5. Or you may have considered all of this… and have no idea how to achieve your goals through your floor plan. If so, proceed to tip #5!

5. Consult with the Expert

Designing the perfect floor plan for your home is essential for maximizing functionality, flow, and memory-making opportunities with family, friends, and loved ones. You’ll juggle practicality and creativity, balancing usability and style. And if you need help keeping all those balls in the air, so to speak, the best step is to consult an expert team. The right partner ensures your visions become reality – and that it is a reality that will meet your needs now and into the future.

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