What Do You Want In a Home That’s Built for Life?

When you buy a pre-existing home, you try to find the best fit for your needs. You’ll view several houses and think, “Oh yes, this could work. I can rearrange this or redo that, and it’ll be close enough.” The benefit of building a custom home is that it is a representation of you. It’s built for you, your family, and the way you live. This is your chance to get everything from the layout to the small details not close, not good enough – but just right. So, start dreaming! How do you find your custom style and clarify your vision?

Find Inspiration for Your Custom Home

It’s time to take your dream home from vision to reality, and that means figuring out some key home style details. As exciting as it is, it can also be stressful! So many choices! So many possibilities! Relax: this is the fun part! Take some time to simply be inspired:

find your style

Houzz. If you have a home design or decor question, Houzz has beautiful answers! Browse bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, and even garages and basements for ideas.
Pinterest. If you can’t find it on Pinterest, it doesn’t exist! The best part of this site is that you can pin items that catch your interest and create a board. Having this visual can help you see how different elements of your dream home can work together.

find your style
Magazines. Publications from Better Homes and Gardens to Architectural Digest offer a treasure trove of ideas. Cut out your favorite features. When you find a builder, you can show them your ideas.
Planning Tools. Apps like Sweet Home 3D and MyFourWalls allow you to “build” a house in your mind and on your device. Play around with layouts, floorplans, and other details.

At this stage, that’s just what you want to do: experiment! You’re not committing to anything yet, so let your imagination run wild.

All right, you’ve been inspired. Your creative juices are flowing. What now?

Start Getting Specific

Ask yourself some questions. Some will be easy: great! Get those out of the way and dig into the harder ones.

● How many stories does your dream home have? Consider mobility issues as well: for example, if you have an elderly parent or if you want your home to transition gracefully into the golden years with you, a one story can be easier to care for and maneuver through. On the other hand, two or more stories can offer more space, privacy for visitors, and you can outfit the lower story as a “standalone” space so, if there are mobility issues, you are all set.

find your style

● Do you want a basement? Whether you want to have a basement laundry room, out-of-the-way storage, a home gym, a custom bar, or game room, a finished basement can be a great addition and add to the flexibility and convenience of your home.
● How many rooms do you want? How many bedrooms? Guest rooms? Bathrooms? Do you want a dining room or an open kitchen/dining area? Do you want a dedicated home office or library? A cozy family room or formal sitting room?
● Think about your hobbies. Do you need an art or recording studio? A craft room or a wine cellar? What about a golf simulator?

find your style

● Do you want open space or discrete areas where you and your family can find privacy? Free flowing or nooks and crannies? What type of layout will best meet your needs and desires?
● Do you want special features (e.g. fireplaces, radiant heat floors, built-in bookshelves, etc.)?
● How important is green design? Do you want a smart home?
● Do you want standard height ceilings or ones that soar?
● Does your dream backyard include plenty of room to roam? Or is it cozy with enough room for a deck and your trusty grill? Do you want an outdoor oasis with a pool, or do you want to grow a lush garden?

find your style

Think about the lifestyle elements you want to include in your home. Your hobbies. Your passions. Your obligations. Your responsibilities. How can your home make your life easier, more streamlined, and give you the space – and atmosphere – you need to get everything in your busy life done?

Take your ideas and your vision, and start a conversation with us today, click here to schedule your free consultation. The team at G&G Custom Homes listens carefully to all of your wants and needs. With our expert advice and guidance, your dream of a home built for life will be well within reach.