When it comes to building the luxury home you’ve dreamt of, there is no better team to bring it to life than G&G Custom Homes. Barrington Estate residents Jeff & Cindy Jarecki can attest to the quality of work and people that the G&G team offers. The team is top notch on all levels – interpersonally, professionally and creatively. 

“If you can dream it, we can build it” says Joe Garcia, owner of G&G Custom Homes.  

The homeowners took full advantage of the skilled team and put them up to a test they had never taken on: incorporating an elevator in the home’s floorplan. 

The G&G team partnered with the Elevator Company, long-time professionals in the industry. The inclusion of this feature will allow the homeowners to age in place, making it an investment more than a luxury. More and more people hoping to build their forever home are realizing that if you’d like to stay in one place long term, it may become a necessity later in life. 

Additional features of note in the home include pocket baby gates, crown molding, vaulted ceilings, a butler’s pantry, ample natural light, and a spa-like primary bedroom and bathroom. The Jarecki’s main goal is to fill this home with family, striving to make it as comfortable, cohesive and convenient as possible. 

“It struck me early on that Joe does a great job of listening to his clients” said homeowner Jeff Jarecki. 

custom home highlight
custom home highlight

While the inside amenities may not impress their grandkids, the backyard is sure to! The G&G team worked with Oasis Outdoor Living to extend the style of the interior space outdoors, along with all of the outdoor features a homeowner could dream of. 

“We try to bring the finishes that Joe and his team work so hard on inside to the outside space, carrying your design throughout the project,” Rob Shea of Oasis Outdoor Living 

The Oasis team carried this design through to the outdoor patio, pergola, pool and large lounge area. This modern-day outdoor space is complimented by a private garden area and a quiet, calm man-made pond which was made possible by the Jarecki’s purchase of their neighboring lot.  

The expansive outdoor space is made into one cohesive space thanks to the Flatmade Concrete team. The home’s exterior patio and curved walkways were completed in a way that only professionals can accomplish.  

A team of craftspeople came together to make the Jarecki’s home a space to enjoy retirement and spend time with their family. “I could tell walking up to the front door and seeing Jeff’s face that they’re enjoying the space,” said Garcia. “We take great pride in knowing that we were able to fulfill someone’s dreams.” 

It is safe to say that the G&G team hit the nail on the head with this project. Cindy Jarecki shared that she often looks around the home and can’t believe it is theirs. “It is a dream come true for us.”