We won’t call it a trend. It is a movement, a revolution even, in the world of custom homes that aligns with the shifting priorities of today’s homeowners. Sustainable sophistication moves away from excess that serves no other purpose than to keep up with – and surpass – the Jonese, focusing instead on both environmental impact and long-term value.

Embracing sustainable practices does not mean we sacrifice the “finer things in life,” but rather that we redefine what those “finger things” actually are and integrate them responsibly and intentionally. And, with G&G, you know it also means creating a stunning forever home.

What Is Sustainable Sophistication?

In the context of homes, what is sustainable sophistication or sustainable luxury (tomayto-tomahto)? This definition from Resident, a leading luxury lifestyle magazine, captures the heart: “It’s about a holistic approach, encompassing everything from the sourcing of materials to the energy efficiency of the home’s systems.” It is not, however, about “sacrificing aesthetics for eco-friendliness. In fact, sustainable design often leads to stunningly unique and innovative homes.”

We couldn’t agree more.

Sustainability Is Par for the Course with G&G

Since our inception, G&G has built Green Certified homes that meet the rigorous ANSI ICC 700-2008 National Green Building Standard (NGBS). This is an “above-code program” for designing sustainable homes and it takes into consideration:

  • Lot design and development
  • Resource efficiency
  • Water efficiency
  • Energy efficiency
  • Indoor environmental quality
  • Building operation and maintenance

In other words, this standard encompasses virtually every aspect of your build, from the materials that go into the construction of your home to the systems that ensure it functions optimally day after day – and year after year.

As part of our process, we take care to minimize your HERS score. The Home Energy Rating System is an industry standard by which energy performance is measured. As G&G owner Joe Garcia explains, “Like a golf score, the lower the number the better.” Existing resale homes typically hit between 110 to 140, while standard new homes shave off a few points to fall within 80-100. Homes built by G&G fall between 50-60.

One of the ways we “shoot under par,” as it were, is by providing the ThermoShield Program as standard for each of our homes. G&G is one of the select few builders in Indiana to do this. What does it mean for homeowners? That your home is fully inspected by Thermo-Scan Energy Management Corporation (TSI) to ensure it meets strict energy efficiency guidelines. Many sustainability features are “behind-the-scenes,” and this is what TSI specializes in. From hot water pipe insulation to air and duct sealing, every aspect of your build is scrutinized so performance is optimized