Who doesn’t like hearing good news? Here’s your daily dose: the number of construction workers who are women is at an all-time high. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, women have been making steady inroads since 2016 and now represent 14% of all construction workers.   

While there is much work to be done… There is much work being done right now by the best and brightest in the industry. We are shining the spotlight on Hilari Goris, business owner, designer, innovator, and creator of homes.   

At Home with Hilari Goris   

It is not just Hilari’s impeccable eye for design, her innovative use of materials, and her unerring sense of clients’ personalities and style that make her such a sought-after interior designer. Though she has those in abundance. It’s her ability to help owners navigate the stressful, and even overwhelming, process of building a home that truly sets her apart – and sets G&G Custom Homes’ clients at ease! 

Hilari, founder of the eponymous Hilari Goris Designs, says, “Your home is truly a statement of your style, and your interior spaces should be just as stunning as they are practical.” This approach aligns with G&G’s belief that a house should be a reflection of the people and families who call it home. Building relationships is a critical component of building houses, and this is just one of the areas in which Hilari shines. 

Clients rave: 

“Building a home is very stressful but having Hilari makes the process so much more enjoyable”Sandy Dettlinger Theobald  

“We had the pleasure of working with Hilari several years ago and she helped us create such a beautiful and inviting space. She definitely has a gift for what she does!” Maricela Foggiano   

As Hilari emphasizes, “A smart design makes a statement while also making you feel comfortable and at HOME.” This also captures how she makes clients feel: comfortable, at home, supported, reassured, and guided. When you are building a custom home, there are myriad decisions that must be made. The list can be intimidating to say the least! Hilari specializes in ensuring the experience of creating home is as rewarding and positive as living in it will be. 

From Day One 

As our on-staff interior designer, clients have the opportunity to work with Hilari as soon as we start digging the foundation. She has an innate ability to listen to homeowners, while sharing her own inspirational images and suggestions for a look that is completely, and cohesively, them. Hilari also provides post-closing assistance in terms of space planning, furniture, art, and accessories. 

What’s the most rewarding part of the custom build process for homeowners? Walking in to see the finished product, their stunning forever home. It’s Hilari’s favorite part as well! “I love the face when a client walks in, after the last picture [is] hung on the wall, the final accessory in place. I’ve done my job!” 

Building Careers In Construction 

As much as we like reading good news, we love being a part of even better news. Increasing the number of women in the construction and home industry is not about numbers; it is about delivering the highest quality and level of service to homeowners. Every step forward women take in the industry is a step that advances us all. 

See more of Hilari’s exceptional work at https://www.ggcustomhomes.com/