When you’re in the midst of designing the perfect custom home, you can quickly get caught up with all the possibilities. Until your budget throws a cold dose of reality your way. So, how do you prioritize those splurge worthy features and elements that matter most to you and your lifestyle while making cost-saving decisions in other areas?

The team at G&G Custom Homes has a few tips to help guide you when it comes to making those splurge vs save decisions for your custom home.

Splurge Worthy Custom Home Features

Where to splurge vs. save on a custom home depends on you. It depends on your needs, your lifestyle, your goals, your aesthetic. It can feel overwhelming, but start by simply asking yourself, “What do I really want from my home?”

For example:

Need More Space? Start With A Splurge Worthy Layout

Maybe your goals encompass more than this space or that space: maybe it’s all about… well, space. If you want to maximize this aspect of your design, splurge on overall layout. Building a bigger home offers a number of benefits: while you obviously gain more room, you have more options available in terms of customization, future changes and modifications to design (e.g. your kids move out and you turn the playroom into part of an expansive master suite), and storage.

You also have the luxury of creating a home that features plenty of communal space and private areas for quiet, relaxation, and much-needed alone time. With a bigger house, you can integrate both open and traditional plans – truly the best of both worlds.

splurge worthy
splurge worthy

Crave a Splurge Worthy Personal Oasis? It’s YOU Time

Stressed? Silly question! We are all coping with myriad demands, obligations, responsibilities, and the ongoing challenge of figuring out how to do it all. Don’t. Don’t do it all: make relaxation and rejuvenation a priority. Self-care is essential – and ultra-stylish. Going all out on a master bedroom and bath is not only a boon to you personally but it adds value to your home.

While there are many projects that do not provide a solid return on investment, a fabulous master suite (the term “owner’s suite” is becoming more common) delivers an average 63% ROI. Even if you do not plan on selling, increasing value can be beneficial to your long-term goals.

For ideas on a splurge-worthy space, check out our top tips for designing your perfect master retreat complete with a stunning spa-like bathroom.

Want the WOW? Go For It

There’s no denying it: when a guest walks into your home and says, “Wow!” it’s a little boost! But we want you to walk into your own home, every day, and say, “Wow!” If making an impactful statement sums up your design style, then consider splurging on:

A chef-worthy kitchen. As the heart of the home, a beautiful kitchen is designed for much more than food prep and cooking – but as those are key elements, you may as well make sure every feature works as hard (and as smart) for you as possible. If cooking, meal prep, parties, family time, etc., are your priorities, the kitchen is an exceptional place to focus your budget.

An attention-grabbing staircase. Hear us out: when someone walks into the home and there is a staircase to the next level right in the entryway, it is automatically a focal point. Why not make the most of this feature? Choosing statement-making flooring, stair runners, railings, two-tone steps, textures, artwork, and lighting (including natural) helps create a sense of expansive space while elevating your overall aesthetic.

An envy-inducing rooftop porch. Rooftop porches elevate your outdoor living experience – figuratively and literally! There is an enhanced sense of privacy and seclusion, but also of envy-inducing elegance. Whether you love entertaining or soaking up the sun in solitude, a rooftop porch is a perfect addition to your custom home.

A splurge worthy outdoor retreat. Creating an outdoor oasis with recreational spaces tailored to your lifestyle is the perfect finishing touch to your custom-built home. If you want to feel like you’re on vacation in your own backyard, then your outdoor spaces may be where you want to splurge.

splurge worthy

When it comes to splurge worthy features in your custom home, it really is all about you. What features matter most to you? What features will elevate your day-to-day living experience?

Where to Save?

We’ve given you some tips on where to splurge – now where should you save on a custom build? There is no one-size-fits-all answer. Think about your goals and needs; these will guide where you will direct more of your budget. From there, think about features that are nice to have but not really a priority in terms of your lifestyle.

Be realistic: will you use that full bar in the basement, complete with foosball tables, 72-inch TV, and enough seating for 30? Maybe. If so, splurge. If it’ll be relegated to Super Bowl parties and left to languish the other 364 days of the year, it may be wise to look at what other spaces will matter more to you and your household.

A great place to start with is G & G’s helpful budget calculator. You can increase or decrease the typical amount for various elements, depending on what is most important to you. From there, you can begin to make decisions as to where best to focus.

And if you need help: we are here. Contact G&G to discuss your ideas, your budget, and how to get started on your custom home.