We all need a break from the frenetic pace of life sometimes – preferably to a warm sandy beach or soft powdery slopes! But when you have a key meeting in the morning, an important presentation in the afternoon, a million emails and calls in between, a soccer game or dance recital in the afternoon, a community event in the evening, and a list of to-dos to tackle before bed… that’s not always an option. Enter the master bath: an oasis to which you can escape any – and every – day.  

It’s no wonder that more people are investing to make this space as welcoming, calming, beautiful, and useful as possible. What trends are serenity-starved homeowners looking for when it comes to their master bath? 

Your Oasis Awaits 

The master bath is a necessary luxury. It is an indulgence – and that’s exactly what makes it so vital. This space invites you to relax, practice self-care, prepare for the day, transition from public to private life, or catch up with your partner and spend a bit of quality time together preparing for or winding down from your day. 

7 Master Bathroom Trends 

These on-trend features really make the most of the master bath: 

1. Open Concept Plan 

This is a bit of a hot button issue with designers and homeowners; as in is it ‘hot’ or ‘very much not’? High-end hotels have been doing it for years – and the ancient Romans loved a good soak with no barriers to the wood fire. The idea is spreading to contemporary homes. 

In an open concept master bath, the shower, tub, vanity, wetroom, etc. are open to the bedroom. (Most often, though, commodes remain behind closed doors… but sometimes not.) If done haphazardly, it can make the bath look incomplete – as if your builder just ran out of steam or lumber and drywall. When executed well, though, an open concept master bathroom is as soothing and serene as it is unique and luxurious. It can create a spa-like atmosphere, enhance a stunning view to the great outdoors, maximize space, and promote accessibility. 

It’s all about great design. Incorporating some features, such as smart glass panels, floating cabinetry, retractable wall, half wall with floating mirror, can add that sense of separation and privacy without completely separating the area.  

Skeptical? It’s not for everyone. But if you want to see how beautifully it can be carried out, look at trend watcher Deavita’s inspiring gallery.  

2. Steam Shower

Do you love a long, hot shower? Us too! Conventional showers use about two gallons of water (or more) per minute, so if you like to indulge, it consumes quite a bit of this resource. A steam shower, on the other hand, uses about two gallons in 30 minutes. Imagine! That… and it creates a relaxing effect that is indulgently tropical. You can almost smell the coconut sunscreen and sea salt from here! This eco-friendly feature is a natural addition for those who want a true spa-like retreat, and it can also help with issues such as tension, stress, muscle strain, and cold and allergy symptoms.  

There are times, however, when you just need to hop in and get the job done. No need to install two separate showers. You can simply add a steam generator to your standard shower. That is a “twofer” we love. 

3. Double Shower Heads

Two heads are better than one. Especially in the shower. They ensure that you have easy access to two separately controlled shower heads, so you can adjust the water temperature and other aspects of the experience easily. This allows you to accommodate your needs and the needs of your showering partner and achieve complete comfort.  

And if you’re going solo, all the better. You can use a fixed showerhead as well as a handheld, opt for two different spray settings at the same time, or just get that full-on spa feel. Bonus: when one of the heads is handheld, it makes cleaning up a breeze.  

4. Freestanding Tubs

These sleek, sophisticated soaking tubs have been making quite a splash in recent years, and they are increasingly sought-after for relaxation and self-care. A little daily indulgence does a body and mind good!  

Especially popular among homeowners are flat bottomed freestanding tubs (as opposed to deck-mounted or drop-in models). They are contemporary, stylish, and space-saving so you can achieve an open, airy feel effortlessly. Also on-trend are asymmetrical options for a little added visual interest, as well as brass, copper, gold, and other metallic accents. When paired with a separate curbless shower, you certainly have a space to rival any high-end spa. 

5. Heated Floors and Towel Bars

Often, it’s the little details that matter most. Heated floors and towel bars elevate your experience that much more and offer that extra boost of comfort you crave. Imagine: you wake up on a chilly winter morning – and your tile floor is soothing under your feet; you shower and wrap yourself in a warm towel or bathrobe… ahhh! Another benefit is that heated towel racks allow damp items to dry faster, thus inhibiting the growth of mildew for cleaner, fresher air. 

6. Vanity Separation 

You may love sharing everything with your partner, including time preparing for the day or getting ready for bed. But that doesn’t mean you want to split your counterspace! Installing two vanities allows you each to have your own space in which to complete your daily routines. It also allows for a great deal of creativity when it comes to design. 

For example, you can separate the vanities with: 

  • Seamless built-in storage for everything from trash to towels to personal items. 
  • A single sleek drawer and room underneath the middle portion of the countertop to accommodate a chair. 
  • A standalone chest of drawers 
  • A comfy bench 
  • A freestanding tub (told you they were ingenious space-savers!) 
  • A grooming station with mirror  

Houzz has some great examples if you need a little inspiration. 

7. Access to the Master Closet

A streamlined design that streamlines key elements – such as the master bath and closet – not only utilizes space beautifully, it makes accessing your essentials more convenient. You may, for example, opt to have a pass-through style closet (which can even include a slim washer/dryer set) that leads to the bathroom. This gives you more privacy and reduced noise from razors, running water, etc.  

On the flip side, you can have a bathroom that you enter from the bedroom that leads into the closet area. This allows you to close the door and lock it if you have valuables or items to which you want to limit access. If a guest needs to use your bathroom or a cleaner needs to access it, for instance, they can simply go in and out without looking through your closet!  

Create a Custom Space for Life 

Do these master bathroom trends inspire you? Are you dreaming of a space that wraps you in warmth and comfort each and every day? Let’s make it a reality. Connect with the G&G Custom Homes team to get started. Your oasis awaits.