What’s hot for the heart of the home? 2022’s top kitchen trends are all about combining form and function, versatility, and enduring style – for fabulous, and enduring, results. The G&G team highlights top trends we love and tips for incorporating them into your design. 

Our Top Kitchen Trends  

When you are planning your dream kitchen, consider these hot trends:

Try Two/Tri-Toned Cabinets 

 The monochromatic kitchen is a trendy choice, and the results can be chic and sophisticated. But more of us want to infuse our spaces with color – whether bold and beautiful or serene and soothing. A few years ago, two-toned cabinets began making themselves quite at home, and recently, tri-tones have appeared on the scene. 

In a two-toned kitchen, the uppers and lowers are typically painted or finished in different colors or different shades of the same color. Alternatively, the cabinets may be one color while the island is another color or shade. A tri-toned approach incorporates… you guessed it… a third color or shade.  For example, the uppers are a light blue, the lowers a medium tone of blue, and the island is stained in a complementary wood tone. When done thoughtfully, the results are visually interesting, rich, and layered.  

favorite kitchen trends
favorite kitchen trends

There are a few different ways you can approach two- and tri-toned cabinets: 

  • Use different shades of the same color, making sure to use the lightest on the upper, medium on the lowers, and darkest on the island for a sense of cohesion and to anchor the room. This keeps the space from being too “busy.” 
  • Try analogous colors. These are colors that are side-by-side on the color wheel. An example is blue violet and blue or blue, blue green, and green. Use one color as the focus, one to support, and one to accent. 
  • Look at split-complementary options. Complementary colors are opposite on the color wheel (think purple and yellow). A split-complementary color scheme has one base color and two complementary colors that are analogous. So, if you choose blue as your focus, you’d have orange and yellow complements.  
  • Don’t forget about wood. If you want wood cabinetry, you can still create a two- or tri-toned theme. When mixing wood stain and painted cabinets, just be sure to coordinate the undertones of each option. 

Overwhelmed by color and finish options? If you’re worried that you’ll select colors that don’t really play well together… rest assured, you are normal! There is a whole wide world of tones, shades, and hues out there. Our design team is happy to help you make selections that appeal to your eye and that make sense aesthetically.  

For a closer look at our design/build process, download G&G’s free guide, Built for Living. 

Move Over, Granite 

No, granite isn’t going anywhere – but we are seeing a lot of quartz in the kitchen. Granite is 100% natural, mined and then cut and polished for a gleaming finish. Quartz is manufactured from 95% natural ground quartz and 5% resins and polymers. This makes it easier to select the perfect fit for your design. With granite, there is an astonishing array of options – but you’ll have to search for just the right piece to align with your color scheme. This process is much more simplified with quartz. 

Quartz also offers exceptional benefits when it comes to maintenance and durability. Granite is a porous material, and you’ll need to reseal regularly. Quartz, on the other hand, is a solid surface, and thus far more impervious to spills and splashes. Just wipe up and call it a day.  

Granite withstands intense heat and pressure in the wild; it does so in the kitchen as well. But again, its porous nature means that it can stain or discolor if spills are left, and it can become damaged with a high impact blow (e.g., you drop a cast iron pan on it). Quartz is harder and more durable. You do want to use a heating pad with pots and pans, but other than that, you’ll have a hard time damaging it. 

Goodbye, Appliances! 

Wait… where’s my coffee maker going? I’m all for a clean, uncluttered look – but not at the expense of caffeine! 

We are far from anti-appliance; we are just pro-hiding them out of the way! Clearing secondary appliances (e.g., microwave, toaster, mixer, and yes, the all-important coffee maker) allows for a clean, uncluttered minimalistic style. Cabinet-style appliance garages are making a tremendous comeback for just this reason.  

What happens with often-used appliances? They either sit on the counter permanently, taking up valuable space, or you have to move them back and forth from cabinets. The beauty of an appliance garage is that these handy tools are easily accessible when you need them and discreetly hidden when you don’t.  

Many people love the idea of concealed appliance storage but don’t want the “garage” style door that can date their design. No problem; today’s options are sophisticated and versatile; there are doors that pop up, tilt up, slide back into pockets, or feature double sliding action for easy access. Appliance garages can sit on the counter as an extension of the upper cabinets, but they can also be integrated into floor-to-ceiling cabinetry and pantry styles.  

Appliance garages combine form and function beautifully. See, you can have your coffee and drink it too! 

favorite kitchen trends

Discrete TV Placement 

Want to watch a cooking show while you whip up a feast, catch up on the news while you have breakfast, watch the game with a cold drink at the island, or pop on an educational show to keep your child occupied as you prepare dinner? 

Whatever the case, you want to enjoy the ability to stream and view in the kitchen – without making the TV a focal point in your space. One option is to mount a folding bracket under the cabinet. You simply flip the screen down when desired. Swiveling features allow you to position it as is most comfortable and convenient.  

Alternatively, you can install a “drop down” TV. When not in use, it is discreetly hidden in a cabinet. When you want the screen, you push a button, and it descends from the cabinet for your viewing pleasure. 

If you have an island, consider installing a system such as a TV Lift. Here, the screen will disappear beneath the surface when not in use. When hidden, it is completely flush with the surface, and you can utilize your island as usual. When you choose to view, it rises from beneath, and mounting hardware allows the TV to swivel for optimal positioning. (This also works with countertops, if you prefer).  

On-Trend and Timeless with G&G 

Do these kitchen trends resonate with you? What is your unique vision? If you’re ready to make your dream a reality, connect with the G&G team. We cannot wait to build your forever home.