Home is where the heart is. It should also be where the “WOW!” is. From boosting curb appeal to eliciting a sense of intense satisfaction and pride whenever you arrive at or depart from your house, carefully planning the exterior is integral to optimal results.

Let’s look at some trends dominating now (and that will deliver long-lasting results).

Top 2023 Custom Home Building Trends

Need some inspiration for the exterior of your dream house?  2023 custom home building trends are poised to stand the test of time.

Oversized Doors and Windows

Let there be light! We don’t play favorites – but if we did….

Imagine oversized windows. Sleek pivot, sliding, folding, and pocketing doors. Walls of gleaming glass. An enduring trend in the last decade, which has only been ramping up in terms of demand and popularity, is the integration of indoor and outdoor living spaces. Larger doors and windows are crucial to this endeavor, and they are remarkable architectural features and focal points in their own right.

(Can we say, “WOW factor”?)

Thanks to advancing technology, materials, and installation techniques, it is possible to go BIG, BOLD, and BEAUTIFUL when it comes to windows and doors. Custom sizes (available by select manufacturers) allow you to achieve your unique goals.

Elevation Texture Variety

You are not afraid to ditch the “play it safe” advice and add texture to your interior design. Texture is, after all, the new color! So, what if we went one step further and explored ways to add variations in elevation texture to your exterior?

Did you know that there are some communities around the country that have adopted the “Rule of 3” when it comes to exterior materials. No, it’s not a maximum of three; it’s a minimum. This is intended to keep neighborhoods from looking homogeneous. But too many options (on one house) can swing in the opposite direction and make it look like a hodge-podge, a patchwork quilt. Rather than follow the Rule of 3, we prefer to take an integrated approach that allows for a design that is both visually interesting and cohesive.

Add elevation variety with stone, brick, cement, stucco, cedar shingle, composite siding, or a carefully curated combination that works for your aesthetic vision. This can introduce just enough texture and interest to really make your exterior “pop” – without the patchwork effect!

Mixed-Roof Shingles

There is nothing more functional and fundamental than a roof. This is the embodiment of home – a roof over your head. Safety and longevity are musts, but we can also integrate exceptional beauty at the same time.

Slate and metal roofing materials are among the most popular options on the market. What could be better than combining them into a super-roof? Metal/slate panels evoke the look of authentic, rustic slate but have the durability and strength of steel. They are thicker than other metal products, weigh less than either slate or asphalt shingles, and have a dynamic look that suits Modern Craftsman, Prairie, Farmhouse, and a host of other styles.

Rounded Edges

Let’s boost that curve appeal!

Modern and contemporary styles are full of sleek angles and crisp corners. We love it. But there is something to be said for softening the edges a little. It can create a warmer appeal and elegant contrast to otherwise highly defined lines.

In this G&G Craftsman home, we see geometry at work with those sharp angles and lines for a modern look. This is softened by the gently flared porch pillars and the rounding of the stone exterior portion (which is also a great example of trend #2). Overall effect: Stunning. And homey.

Come Home

What is your vision? That’s where we start. Not trends. Not hot or not. Not what’s in or out. But what you want, need, and aspire to today and in the future. From there, we can create a roadmap to success. With a team of experienced designers and builders on your side, you can come home – in style.

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