The most stunning houses are not museums or monuments; they are designed for real people and built for convenience. Need some inspiration while planning your dream home? We have ten exciting custom home building trends to spark your imagination and help you focus in on your priorities.

Top 10 Custom Home Building Trends

Which of these are must-haves? Nice-to-haves? No-thanks? We’ll let you be the judge!

1. Package Delivery Rooms

We order everything these days, from groceries and gifts to clothing and cleaning supplies. The convenience is unsurpassed – but some protection is in order. Whether you are concerned about “porch piracy,” inclement weather ruining your order or a box that sits on your doorstep while you’re away, a package delivery room is a new “must have.” Per your instructions, your delivery driver will be able to access a dedicated space via a unique code that you assign to your carrier, deposit your package, and then leave the room just as secure as when they entered.

2. Smart Lighting

What if life was just a little easier? What if you had a hand running your household? The kids? Your partner? No…smart lighting tends to be a little bit more reliable and easy to manage! Smart tech is packed with possibilities. You can make sure the right lights are on when you come home, that you have the right brightness level for the time of day, that you can create different moods by changing the color and temperature of the lights, that you save energy, that you can integrate your HVAC, entertainment, and security systems… That you can do all of this with a simple voice command or tap of your finger.

3. Tankless Water Heater

These appliances heat water on demand. You can enjoy a consistent supply of hot water without having to wait for a tank to fill up. Additionally, tankless water heaters are more energy efficient, longer-lasting, and space-saving, while also negating the risks involved with a leaky tank. Plus… When you are the last in line for a shower, you will enjoy all the hot, steamy water you deserve!

4. Prep Kitchens and Butler’s Pantries

A prep kitchen or full butler’s pantry is one of the most sought after features among custom home buyers. For good reason. This space is yours. It houses your oft-used appliances, your meal prep supplies, your entertaining essentials… your mess as you prepare for a feast! This leaves your primary kitchen guest-ready – or, more importantly, just ready for you to enjoy quiet, stress-less moments with your household members.

See how an open kitchen can stay pristine – while the magic is happening in the prep area – in this G&G Barrington Estate home.

5. Elevators

When you invest in your “forever home,” it is important that it evolves with your needs. Aging in place allows us to live with dignity, and surrounded by beauty. On this custom build, G&G partnered with the Elevator Company to install an elevator that is completely, elegantly, and discreetly integrated into the home’s architecture. What is a convenience today (e.g. toting laundry between floors or carrying a sleeping child to bed) may become a necessity tomorrow. We are prepared.

custom home highlight

6. Pocket Baby Gates

Whether you consider them baby gates, pet gates, or safety gates, there is no doubt that they are useful tools for keeping your home safer for everyone – including both two and four-legged household members. Useful, yes. Stylish? Not so much! Pocket gates, which are built into the door frames, are an ingenious solution. They simply slide and hide when not in use (just like a pocket door), allowing for easy operation and discrete appearance.

7. Automated Screened and Heated Porches

Two- and three-season porches are common in our area – but why can’t we enjoy all four? With automated screened and heated porches, you have a cozy, comfortable, climate-controlled space to relax, dine, and entertain all year long. Screens are essential for allowing in those wonderful breezes – and keeping out those nasty mosquitos!

8. Garage Storage/Custom Cabinetry

Custom cabinets are not just for your kitchen or bath anymore. When you choose made-for-you options for the garage, you can maximize storage, practicality, and convenience. From holiday decorations to sports gear to tools… There is a place for everything. Now to just make sure to put everything back in its place!

9. Easy Access To/From the Pool

If a pool is one of your family’s “musts,” then also consider access. Do you want wet footprints across your tile and hardwood flooring? Damp bathing suits and towels left everywhere? Toys, floaties, and other funtime accessories discarded throughout your house? We didn’t think so! Ensure that the pool is accessible to your lower level, whether to a utility or mudroom or a locker room.

10. Custom Mud Rooms

And, finally, speaking of mud rooms: Life is often wonderfully chaotic and messy. Your home doesn’t need to be. This is an ideal space for purpose-built solutions, such as pet station, family member-specific drop zones, laundry center, drying racks (most helpful for pool-dwellers!), built-in cabinets, hooks, and nooks for sports gear, boots, winter wear, etc., and a hydration station.

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