“Exciting” and “appliances” don’t typically appear in the same sentence together – but it’s about time they did! There are some interesting and inspiring trends that can help you elevate your style and make your life easier.

6 Appliance Trends

Today’s trends focus on simplicity and convenience. We can certainly get behind that!

1. White Hot

The kitchen is command central for many of life’s best moments, and we are seeing a strong desire for a calming, cozy, inviting aesthetic. According to Whirlpool global consumer design director, Jessica McConnell, “warm-hued tinted whites will continue to be popular.” They also look great with white oak, which is seeing a tremendous surge in popularity when it comes to cabinetry and flooring.

While stainless steel, black stainless, and bold hues are also trending, white is timeless, classic, and elegant. White glass, for example, imbues your space with an open, airy appeal that is completely cohesive and charming.

2. Feeling Flushed

In keeping with the move towards a simpler style, flush mounted appliances are making a subtle statement. With standard, or “proud” mounts, the appliance sits forward – or sticks out, if you will – from the surrounding cabinetry or countertop.

With flush mount, the front of the appliance is … well, flush. A refrigerator, for example, is installed so it creates a smooth, seamless surface with the countertops and/or cabinetry. The reveals are much tighter than with standard mount, and the edges of the appliance are hidden. This creates a beautiful, clean appearance.

3. Smart & Sophistication

Imagine: You’re running late and getting hangry. Rather than swing in the drive-thru, you preheat your oven as you leave work so dinner is quick and easy (and healthier than those fries you were going to wolf done in the car!) Or you purchased gorgeous greens from the farmer’s market, and your fridge sends you a reminder to eat them while they’re fresh – and to pick up some dairy-free milk for your morning coffee. Or you are mixing, kneading, and covered with flour and dough. Your smart display reads you the steps of your recipe so you don’t have to miss a step.

Smart appliances make life simpler and far more convenient. You can take advantage of app-operated functions, coordinate schedules for the family, create individual profiles, generate and sync a grocery list to your phone, set expiration dates, and much more. Smart is always on-trend.

4. Delightful Dedication

In many custom homes, the kitchen is the showpiece. It is large and airy. Dedicated appliance solutions help owners make the most of their space. Consider:

  • Wine Columns/Fridges
  • Ice Drawers
  • Warming Drawers
  • Water Dispensers
  • Beverage Station
  • Built-In Coffee Bar
  • Combination Appliances (e.g. oven/microwave combo, range with warming drawer, etc.)

What makes the most sense for your home? What will enhance your lifestyle?

5. Disappearing Act

Let’s face it: Appliances are undoubtedly essential – but they take up a lot of room! They can also create quite the sense of chaos as you try to prepare and stage a meal while chatting with guests while mixing drinks while keeping on top of the dishes…. Or, you could invest in an appliance room. Keep appliances both accessible and out of view in a prep kitchen. This is a terrific way to make entertaining a breeze and keep your kitchen neat, organized, and always guest-ready.

6. Power Up

Almost as common as “There’s never enough counter space!” is “There’s never enough outlets!” A highly practical appliance trend is simply installing extra outlets that are built into cabinets and islands. These are perfect for smaller appliances, chargers, and the like.

Your Space to Create

This is your space. Your forever home. While it’s fun and fascinating to follow trends, always go back to a few fundamental questions: What does home mean to me? What do I need and want from this space?

And how will I create it?

G&G Custom Homes can help you answer all of these questions – and more. Connect with our team today to discuss your project and goals.