If there is anything that the last few years has reinforced within us, it is that home is the heart of our lives, and we all want to maximize our enjoyment, comfort, and convenience. We dream of a little oasis, a refuge from the world, a sanctuary of peace and quiet… and a fun getaway without having to go anywhere. Installing a pool at your custom home is a gorgeous way to enhance your landscape — and lifestyle. 

What do you need for a dream come blue? 

Installing a Pool? Here Are Your 7 Must-Haves

1. Safety First

No, it’s not the sexiest part of having a swimming pool, but it is one of the most essential. In Indiana, you are required to have a permit from the state and all pools must be protected by a fence at least five feet high or an automatic pool cover. Your county may enact stricter regulations, so be sure to check with your builder to ensure compliance. 

If your yard is fully fenced in, you may not need a secondary barrier around the pool itself. Again, consult with your builder to be on the safe side. 

Now onto the fun part of owning a pool! 

2. Large Patio Space for Relaxing, Eating, and Entertaining

One of the biggest perks of installing a pool is that it provides endless fun in the sun with a healthy dose of exercise. What better way to cool down on a hot summer day or burn off some excess kid energy? But pools are also beautiful focal points in an outdoor living space. Enhance it even further with a spacious patio. This will undoubtedly become the hub of your home in the warm months. Enjoy

3. Covered Space with Grill Nearby

Schlepping plates and platters from the kitchen to the patio isn’t exactly a difficult task — but it can be tedious and inconvenient. Plan for a covered space adjacent to your pool with a grill to make preparing and serving a feast far easier (HUGE bonus: you’ll avoid heating up the house). You may also opt for a more elaborate setup: an outdoor kitchen features all the comforts of “home” in an easily accessible location.  

4. Easy Access to the Bathroom

Some of us are like fish; we love being in the water and can happily spend hours out in the pool. Nothing can drag us out — except when nature calls. To minimize wet footprints in the house, make sure that the pool offers easy access to the bathroom. Go in, go right back out!

5. Locker Room/Mudroom Space

This multi-use space can be used for changing, hanging damp towels, wiping off wet feet, storing pool toys and accessories, and more. A mudroom/locker room keeps the mess out of your main home (and off your hardwood floors, custom carpets, and upscale upholstery!), and a non-slip or slip-resistant flooring surface helps keep everyone safer. 

6. Additional Landscaping 

While a stunning feature in itself, you can also enhance the aesthetic of your pool area with lush landscaping. This softens the hardscape features (the pool and patio) and turns your space into a vibrant oasis. Consider low-maintenance, native plants, natural elements such as rocks and gravel, fire features (a fire pit or heater), and more. The possibilities are endless. And beautiful.  

7. Leave Room for Growth

A pool is like a wonderful meal. It’s tasty and complete on its own — but you may want to save room for dessert! When installing a pool, think about the future. You may be interested in expanding or adding more features- such as upgrading the grill to a full kitchen- down the road. If you plan strategically (which is our specialty), you can create a space that evolves with you. 

Jump In with G&G Custom Homes 

Installing a pool with your custom home can help you enjoy every minute of every warm day (and with pool heaters… there are many more days than you’d think!). Make a splash with G&G