Dreaming of a home theater? A quiet get-away from the kids – or a place you can send them to play and hang out with friends? What about a fully equipped home office or gym? A workshop or a craft room to bring your Etsy dreams to life?

A finished basement can help you make these possibilities into realities – but is it right for you and your home? 

What Is A “Finished” Basement?

If you’ve ever been in an old New England home, you’ll see firsthand just what “unfinished” looks like. In original basements, there are stone walls (typically quite low) and dirt floors. If there was a natural obstacle – like a ledge or boulder – it was incorporated right into the space. Nothing to see here, folks! Just nature, all-year cool temperatures, and damp, musty air.

In a semi-finished basement, the flooring and walls are typically concrete, and there are level ceilings you don’t have to stoop under. They’re great for storage and utility rooms, and you may even pop in a guest bedroom or home office down here. But it’s not really finished.

A finished basement will look and function just like your upstairs rooms. There are finished floors and walls in your choice of materials (e.g. drywall, hardwood, tile, etc.), electrical and heat/cooling systems, plenty of windows, and even doors to the backyard if you include a walkout basement. This is the type of space you want to use and enjoy – not one to which you feel banished!

A finished basement can be a terrific feature… but we’re not talking about the average homeowner. We’re talking about you. Should you invest in this space?

"This space offers a host of possibilities. It’s the perfect setting to watch the big game, host friends and neighbors, enjoy family game night, and much more."

The Pros and Cons of a Finished Basement  

Basement… or upscale bar, lounge, and entertainment center? Beautifully finished, this space offers a host of possibilities. It’s the perfect setting to watch the big game, host friends and neighbors, enjoy family game night, and much more.  

While there is an additional expense associated with creating a finished basement, you do see a strong return on investment. The average ROI for an upscale kitchen remodel is about 54%; for a finished basement, it is 70%.  

You will add value and appeal to potential buyers. But more importantly, when you are in your forever home, you build in opportunities from game rooms and bars to apartments for senior household members (depending on access). These spaces can evolve with you. 

With all the benefits, could there possibly be any cons of a finished basement? Depending on where you live, yes. If, for example, you are in an area that is prone to flooding, you will need to talk about basement logistics with your builder. You will need to take steps to ensure the living space is above the base flood elevation (BFE) and that if you are in a high-risk zone, that you have flood insurance.  It is also important to install a sump pump to drain any water that does enter the basement. These can be cleverly hidden by your builder.  

G&G works one-on-one with each homeowner to ensure optimal results; this includes an assessment of the land, evaluation of your needs and budget, and creative thinking to help you realize your vision. 

A Finished Basement in Your Forever Home

Is a finished basement right for you? It depends on a variety of factors – each of which we will explore together. 

Get in touch with G&G Custom Homes to talk about your ideas, aspirations, lifestyle, needs, and wants. We’re here to listen… and bring them to life.