Home should be a reflection of the people and families who live there; it should be inspirational and aspirational, empowering owners to live the lives of which they have always dreamed.

At G&G Custom Homes, we don’t build houses. We build memories, connections, relationships – and your forever home. It all starts with your vision and a team that is dedicated to bringing it to life. 

Get to Know Your Team  

G&G works with a select number of homeowners each year. Why? Because this allows us to deliver one-on-one service and support.   

Joe Garcia

Owner, GMB, CGP 

You will work directly with G&G’s founder, Joe Garcia. Joe is a Graduate Master Builder and Certified Green Professional with over a decade of experience building custom homes. He also gave himself an education in “building horror stories.”

When starting his company, he asked friends and family to share tales of what went wrong – so he could do things right.  

Joe found that the villains of these horror stories were typically overpromising and under-delivering – as well as enormous change order bills. To avoid issues, Joe says, “I start by asking people what they’re looking for. Then I price that all into the budget so there are no surprises.”  

Simple but effective. Realistic upfront expectations, honesty, integrity, and quality are the foundations on which your custom home will be built. Metaphorically… for the real foundation, we use tried and true building techniques and carefully vetted subcontractors and crews!

At the end of the day, Joe’s approach is simple. “I build every house like I’m building it for my family.”   

Tom Watson

G&G Project Manager  

According to Joe, building a custom home is “all about getting the right people to do the right things at the right time.” Tom Watson, veteran G&G project manager, is one of the right people behind you as you build your home.  

Tom says, “You never build the same house twice.” Recognizing that every individual, every family, every lifestyle is different, G&G seeks to build the home for the life you want to live.

Integral to this process is the ability to collaborate closely with other team members and to maintain clear and open lines of communication.  

“I don’t think there’s a homeowner out there who doesn’t feel like they can call me or Joe whenever they need.”  

Tom’s industry experience and expertise is matched only by his passion for delivering exceptional experiences and results to each and every homeowner. 

Ray Piazzi

G&G Project Manager 

Project Manager Ray Piazzi is just as passionate about helping clients realize their visions and move into their forever home.

Ray is your go to guy.

As you move through your project, he is available to answer questions, explain steps, supplies, schedules, budgets, and more.

At no point in our process are you left to fend for yourself.  

At the end of the day, Joe’s approach is simple. “I build every house like I’m building it for my family.”   

Anthony Cook

G&G Associate Project Manager

Building a custom home does not have to be stressful!

The G&G team prioritizes the comfort and convenience of homeowners every step of way.

Associate Project Manager Anthony Cook works closely with both Tom and Ray to ensure that projects stay on track.

His goal is for you have the most positive, memorable experience possible when building your custom home with G&G.

Chuck Plumer

G&G Quality Control/Warranty Coordinator

At G&G, we insist on maintaining the highest standards when it comes to our processes, products, and interactions with homeowners.

Chuck Plumer, Quality Control/Warranty Coordinator, is an integral part of the team. He heads up our quality control efforts, ensuring that every “i” is dotted and “t” crossed.

Most importantly, though, he ensures that G&G clients are completely satisfied not only with their finished home but with every step of the journey.

And we don’t leave you to fend for yourself as soon as you get your keys. After you take possession, Chuck serves as your warranty.

If anything goes bump in the night (or any other time of day), he is there to help facilitate necessary changes/replacement of covered parts, etc.


Hilari Goris

Hilari Goris Design

Hilari Goris says that Joe’s approach is the reason G&G is the only builder with whom she works exclusively. Her own design philosophy dovetails perfectly with the guiding principles of G&G. “Your home is truly a statement of your style, and your interior spaces should be just as stunning as they are practical.”

Our homeowners begin working with Hilari as soon as we start digging the foundation. She ensures that each client has ample time, and support, to make decisions while staying on track with builder milestones. By discussing wants and needs and sharing inspirational images, Hilari works to zero in on your unique style. From there, she draws upon her vast network of vendors throughout the Indianapolis Metro area to flesh out the details, deliver material samples, and offer picture packets.

Hilari typically also helps post-closing with space planning, furniture, art, and accessories so you feel right at home.


You are an essential member of the team. We take the time to understand your wants and needs, your lifestyle, and how you want to live. The myriad of decisions you face can be overwhelming; we take the time to offer advice, guidance, suggestions, and support so the process is not only simplified – it is exciting and memorable.

We Are There for You

When construction is complete, and the last throw pillow plumped and picture hung, we don’t just walk away. As Joe says, “We look forward to building a long-lasting relationship with all of our clients.” If anything comes up, you have our numbers – and we always respond. After all, we love your home just about as much as you do, and we take great pride in our work.

If you are ready for a memorable experience from start to finish (and beyond), get in touch with G&G Custom Homes today. Let’s get to work on your forever home.