Flooring is one of the most important decisions you will make as you move through your custom home building journey.

Not only is it an aesthetic matter, your flooring plays a central role in the practicality and convenience of your home, as well as in the health and wellbeing of your family. What should you consider as you are choosing flooring to fit your lifestyle? 

Custom Home Flooring: Five Factors to Keep in Mind

There are more flooring options on the market than ever before. Narrow down your selections by thinking about:

1. Health Needs.

If your partner has allergies or your child has asthma, your flooring choice can impact their health. For example, even with regular vacuuming, heavy, high-pile carpeting traps dust, dander, pollen, and other allergy- and asthma-triggers. This can provoke attacks and exacerbate symptoms. Hard surfaces, such as hardwood, tile, stone, cork/bamboo, or advanced low-pile carpeting are preferable.

If you have elderly family members in your household or plan to age in place, it is also important to consider those needs. Low-pile carpet and cork, for example, are excellent selections as they provide comfort and cushioning under foot and are slip-resistant. G&G is happy to help you explore your options.

2. Children and/or Pets

Whether you have babies or fur babies, they will heavily influence your flooring choices. As we all know, they are active… and, quite frequently, messy! Surfaces that are resistant to scratches (pet nails), dings (dropped sports gear), stains (another cup of spilled grape juice), and daily abuse (toddlers running laps around the living room or teenagers trudging up the stairs) are best.

Hardwood is a classic, durable option, particularly with the right protective finishes, and tile is easy to clean and maintain. Again, there are a variety of great kid- and pet-friendly solutions, from low-pile, stain-resistant carpet and rubber to cork and bamboo.

"The purpose of emergency preparedness is not to instill panic or fear; in fact, having a plan for your family helps you achieve a sense of control and even comfort in uncertain times."

3. Purpose-Built Spaces

Different rooms have different purposes, of course, and so they will have different needs when it comes to flooring. This is why we don’t carpet our kitchens or use hardwood in the garage! Think about the purpose of various spaces, and choose solutions that will maximize functionality, convenience, and aesthetics.

For example, a mudroom is a wonderful addition to your home; it keeps muddy, wet, and snowy feet off your other surfaces, and it provides a place for you and your family members to stow coats, boots, shoes, sports gear, and other necessities. Its purpose is to prevent messes and make it easier to stay clean and organized. Surfaces like engineered hardwood stand up to moisture and provide a slip-resistant, low-maintenance solution.

4. Sustainability

For many of us, environmentally friendly and responsible products are a priority. This can include flooring. Many manufacturers offer green options, such as bamboo that is sustainably grown and harvested and/or choices that do not use phthalate plasticizers.

5. Options for the Future

When you are building your forever home, you will think about your future needs as well as your current needs. We mentioned aging in place; there are other situations in which your requirements will evolve. You may have children, adopt a new puppy, or start an in-home business. Durable choices like hardwood and stone/tile, for example, stand the test of time and can be refinished or resealed as needed. This need not limit you in your choices; it is simply a factor to consider!

We know that there is an endless array of flooring options out there, and it can be overwhelming to make the right decisions for your home. G&G is here to help you explore various solutions, consider your lifestyle needs, and make the best flooring choices for your custom home. Get in touch with us so we can get started.

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