Creating the perfect forever home has become a dream for many. After all, once you’ve spent time in a starter home and achieved the goals necessary to move forward, a forever home can be the ideal way to create a space you love that will work perfectly for the rest of your life.

With attention to design and great care, you’ll develop a space that means memories for years to come. Making it possible, though, is about more than simply jotting a few notes down on your phone. Instead, it means careful planning to develop an ideal space. These tips can help.

1. Think Carefully About the Location of Your Forever Home

Where you build is nearly as important as what you build. The space you purchase to build on will be essential to your overall happiness with the home itself. Think about how close it is to where you work and access to places you use regularly like public transportation hubs, shopping centers, and other important points of interest. If you will have neighbors, think about the pros and cons of the neighborhood itself. You’ll also want to consider other features like traffic noise and access to major roadways. Knowing exactly where you want to live means truly finding your forever space.

2. Consider Family Spaces

Where will you spend time with everyone in your home? As you think about your day to day routine, you’ll want to not only consider what might work best now, but also what will work best well into the future. Think about whether an open floor plan might be the best option so you can keep an eye on the kids and create simplicity when it comes to traffic flow in your house. It’s also a great option if you plan to entertain regularly. Beyond how the family spaces connect, you may also want to consider what family spaces you need. A formal dining room can be nice for entertaining, but if that doesn’t sound like you, perhaps you should consider adding a first-floor playroom instead. Know where you’re likely to spend time now, and what might work for your lifestyle in the future.

3. Private Spaces Matter Too!

There are lots of spaces in your home that you’ll want to carefully plan, and the bedrooms and bathrooms should be at the top of that list. Your master suite should have plenty of privacy, enough room for the furniture you want most in that space, and a beautiful en suite that you’ll appreciate at the end of a long day. Plan beyond your space, though. Make certain the kids have bedrooms that will grow with them and become usable space after they leave. Ensure that your guest bedrooms include all of the amenities that would make any visitor to your home as comfortable as possible.

"With attention to design and great care, you’ll develop a space that means memories for years to come."

4. Build In Office Space

Over the last year, office space has become an incredibly necessary component of every home, and statistics indicate that more than half of the workforce holds a job that is compatible with remote work, so that trend is likely to continue. Make sure you have enough space to work comfortably, as well as plenty of storage and shelving. You may also want to have a place to meet, virtually or in person, to make your office more flexible. Finally, consider the lighting carefully. You want to ensure you’ll have enough natural light to work well, but also a space where your computer screen will be unaffected by the light.

5. Add Accessibility

Many people work accessibility features into their forever homes because they intend to age in place rather than shift to facility care when they struggle to live on their own. If that’s the case, don’t forget to add accessibility features like spacious hallways, a variety of work surface heights in the kitchen, and zero depth entry shower stalls.

Maybe the most important thing you can do is to design your space as soon as possible. Huffington Post blogger Casey Bond suggested building a forever home sooner rather than later simply because it’s an idea that isn’t in sync with the economic realities of today. While that likely isn’t true for all individuals, waiting to build your forever home has its own consequences. After all, the longer you wait to design the home of your dreams and move in, the longer you wait to truly achieve those dreams and make your perfect space a living reality.

Your forever home could be just around the corner. Begin the custom home building process with a conversation when you contact us today.