G&G Custom Homes has long made a commitment to clients who want to avoid the stress of a typical home building project.

By creating homes that are a reflection of the families who live there, G&G has managed to do just that for decades. This year, their Home-a-Rama show piece home took that entire concept one step further, creating both a beautiful home that showcased their abilities as home builders and a phenomenal interior that helped to highlight their commitment to the entire design process.

A Distinctive Home

The Home-a-Rama house is a beautiful 6,992 square foot space in the Holliday Farms neighborhood in Zionsville, Indiana. Designed with the entire family in mind, it includes a kids’ activity room, a rooftop patio space, a pool, and even an outdoor kitchen. There are some amazing amenities inside this home such as a wine room, four fireplaces, and a high-end AV package. The home’s architectural details and unique features are just the beginning of what makes this house such a special place for the family who calls it home.

“People sometimes think they need to use a lot of color to make an impact, but with a neutral palette, you can do just as much."

A Distinctive Interior Design Process

Every Home-a-Rama house has been different for G&G, and that held true for this project as well, particularly when it came to interior design. G&G partnered with both Hilary Goris of Hilary Goris Designs and the Indiana Kitchen Company’s Julie King to help create a striking interior. By working directly with the future homeowners, the design team followed a cohesive, intuitive process that helped everyone involved anticipate what should come next.

Taking inspiration from the warm, modern lines, both designers worked to highlight the diverse elements of the home’s architecture. In particular, texture and neutral colors came into play when styling both the interior and exterior spaces.

“Texture is an often-overlooked aspect of design,” Goris said. To help highlight that feature in this home, industrial metal details were included in a variety of ways. Metal is an incredibly versatile material and can provide a sense of solidity in a space by layering it with softer textiles and other eco-friendly design elements.

Neutral colors were also prominently featured in this home. “People sometimes think they need to use a lot of color to make an impact,” Goris said, “but with a neutral palette, you can do just as much.” Many people tend to overlook the power of neutrals, but they really do create a timelessness that blends modern and classic features that can adapt as trends in home design evolve.

For both designers, the hope was to have people leave G&G’s Home-A-Rama house with the idea of “Wow, I wish my house looked like that.” After exploring the home and its gorgeous interior design, potential buyers can see just how exceptional a custom designed home from G&G and their design partners can be.

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