A happy, healthy, organized home starts with plenty of storage space. Nowhere is storage space more important than in your master bedroom closet.

Having the space though, is just the beginning, you also need storage to be functional and even aesthetically pleasing to create the perfect walk-in closet. You don’t want to overlook this important detail when designing your custom home.  

 While every bedroom in your new home needs plenty of (well-organized) closet space, your master bedroom should have a closet designed to maximize space, create organization, and offer you the amenities you want most. So, what should you consider when planning your ideal closet for your new custom home? 

Here are our top 5 tips to designing the perfect walk-in closet: 

  • His and Hers Spaces: Many custom homes today include his and hers closet spaces. Determining how to divide closet space can be nearly impossible at times, and his closet space will have different storage needs than hers. Women tend to own longer dresses and skirts, tall boots, more shoes, and a collection of purses that demand different spacing options than suits, slacks, button down shirts, and even watch collections. Designing a his and hers closet is the perfect way to keep things separated and organized.  
  • Lighting and Electrical Outlets: Simple ceiling light fixtures aren’t going to cut it in a customized closet. Instead, work with your electrician to decide on lighting fixtures that will meet your needs in the space. From recessed choices to hanging fixtures, there are some great options that will provide you with the light you need. Moreover, if you hadn’t considered adding electrical outlets to your space, now is the time to do it. It’s a great option if you need to charge devices or even clean using a vacuum or other powered device. You may even want to add an ironing station in your closet at some point, and electrical access plus task lighting can be key to ensuring your closet has the flexibility it needs.  
  • Adjustable Hanging Space: You already know what type of hanging space you want, but one helpful idea is to make it adjustable. Your closet will likely change over time, and creating flexible hanging space can help to accommodate that change without making a big shift to how the closet actually functions in your home.  
  • Custom Cabinetry: Your closet should be a space where you can completely get ready, and creating custom cabinetry in your closet can help make that happen. By adding cabinets and drawers, you can store almost anything in the closet and create a phenomenal level of functionality.  
  • Flooring: Many people don’t consider flooring in the closet, but it should be as attractive as the flooring in your master bedroom. You want something that is easy to maintain and matches the feel of the closet. Remember, you may be spending time in your bare feet in your closet, so make certain you get the right balance of warmth and maintenance ease.  
"While every bedroom in your new home needs plenty of (well-organized) closet space, your master bedroom should have a closet designed to maximize space, create organization, and offer you the amenities you want most."

Perhaps the key to a good design is to use all of the space available. From floor to ceiling and side to side, there are plenty of options you can use if you have added space. Even if you have shelves at the highest possible level, they can be used for out-of-season storage or other items that you don’t use on a regular basis. The more space you have available, the more likely your closet is to be as useful as possible. 

There are a number of other options, too, like adding a vanity, a center island, and even comfortable seating, so feel free to get creative and add as many amenities as your space will allow. At the end of the day, a well-organized and beautiful closet should be a convenient, stress-free space that enhances your lifestyle. When you do decide to upgrade to your forever homejust think how enjoyable the perfect walk-in closet space will be 

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