Since the 1990s, you’ve turned on your favorite home improvement show and heard the same thing: “Tear down that wall! And that one! Walls must go!”

Open concept designs have been around since about the 1950s, but they really started gaining traction just as we approached the new millennium. Decades of popularity later, we feel safe to say that it’s not just a trend; it’s a way of life. Why do homeowners love open floor plans?

Why Do Homeowners Love Open Floor Plans?

Let’s look at this beautiful open space designed and built by G&G Custom Homes. As you can see the kitchen blends seamlessly – and wall-lessly – into the dining area and then into the living room. Spaces like this deliver a number of benefits:

1. Make Entertaining Fun, Fresh, and Easy

Imagine hosting a dinner party or a bustling family Thanksgiving; with open floor plans, you have uninterrupted flow between key entertaining spaces. You can effectively be in three places at once! As you prepare food or mix drinks, you can still interact with your guests. They can sit at the island and chat – or better yet, wash up and pitch in! An open floor plan doesn’t separate you from the action.

2. Let There Be Light – And Energy Savings!

With fewer barriers (e.g. doors, walls) in the way, light extends further from room to room. You can effectively “share” light, focusing it where you want it and achieving a warm, cozy environment. Additionally, open floor plans allow more opportunities for window installment, as you can see in the images above. Natural light is not only stunning, but also beneficial for our health and wellbeing.

Shared and natural light helps improve energy efficiency; further, you can enhance airflow which makes your space easier to heat and cool. We call that a win-win.

3. Maximize Every Square Foot – and Home Value

Open floor plans not only make your home feel larger, but they also add functional space by removing barriers. This is important for homeowners of all stripes, from retirees who love to entertain to parents who are taking care of their children – and maybe even their own parents as well. Families come in all shapes and sizes; open floor plans accommodate them all.

A recent Realtor study also found that homes with open floor plans appreciate at a rate of 7.4% per year, compared to 3.5 – 3.7 percent for the average home. Whether you plan on selling at some point or would like to build equity, this is one powerful (and beautiful) way to maximize your value.

“The selection of two independent colors highlight how different elements come together to express a message of strength and hopefulness that is both enduring and uplifting.”

4. Kid-Friendly Flow

If you have or care for children, open floor plans are a big benefit. You remove barriers from room to room, which is not only convenient for adults but allows you to keep an eye on the kiddos. For example, if you’re preparing dinner and they’re playing in the living room, you can have them within your line of sight and within earshot. It’s also nice to have that sense of connection even when you are doing separate activities.

5. They Just Look Fantastic

One of the reasons homeowners love open floor plans is that they impart a modern feel. They are functional, practical, and convenient, yes, but they are undoubtedly elegant and aesthetically pleasing. There are also easy opportunities to connect to outdoor space.

In this Modern Farmhouse, the open floor plan allows for beautiful, unobtrustructed doors that lead to a spacious patio. Whether you love to have friends, family, colleagues, and neighbors over for parties or want to grill up a special dinner for two, this is a remarkable feature.  

Are Open Floor Plans on Their Way Out?

We’ve just sung the praises of open floor plans – but are they becoming passe? An interesting side effect of the pandemic, if you will, is that people have been spending a lot more time at home. And some of us are getting a little more togetherness time than we’d like, if we’re honest. Privacy, and a room of one’s own, have become a sought-after luxury.  

Imagine this: you’re on yet another Zoom call at your dining room table. Your kids are playing a little too loudly in the living room. You can’t get up and shut the door, and if they’re little, you want them where you can see them. It’s not only kids: if you’ve been working from home, you know that your partner, spouse, or other household members always seem to walk into your background (hopefully fully clothed) at inopportune times. Maybe it’s the dog who suddenly needs all of your attention. Regardless, it can be difficult to get the quiet space you need. 

So, can you have your cake and eat it too? Sure. An open floor plan that brings your kitchen, dining room, and living/great room together seamlessly promotes entertaining and communal time. They do not prohibit you from having smaller, more intimate rooms! Take a look at this cozy little corner; perfect for virtual meetings, catching up on email, or taking a few minutes to read a book in peace! 

If you have a vision, contact G&G Custom Homes. Our team will bring it to life.