Laundry room designMost of us wouldn’t say that doing laundry is our favorite thing. But we can all say that having clean laundry is our favorite thing. When building your custom home take the time to design a laundry room that you can love spending time in. Make it a room that has everything that you need to efficiently take care of your families clothing.

Here are some essentials pieces other than your washer and dryer to consider to help you design your laundry room.

Install a Sink

For your delicate items install a sink for clothing that asks to be washed by hand. It’s amazing how a utility sink can come in handy for washing clothing, shoes, and other delicate items. Install fold out drying racks that can be used and easily stored away when you are finished with them.

Pet Showers

More and more homeowners who are also pet owners are using their laundry rooms to not only wash their clothes but their pets. Install a pet shower station to make it easier to keep your beloved pet in tip top shape when it comes to grooming. Building a pet shower will alleviate back trouble for you and will make it easier for your pet to get in and out of the shower.

Counter Space

Give yourself adequate counter space for folding and organizing clothing when it is completed. That way you can immediately move your clothing through a system that keeps it from the all to common half load where it sits in the washer or sits on top of the dryer when finished.

Keep out Wrinkles

Install an ironing board and iron storage right in your laundry room along with access to hanging rods to hang up clean and ironed clothing. Again, do as much prepping as you can in your laundry room design so that you can move through the phases of taking care of your clean laundry without interruption in the process.


Flooring that is easy to clean yet beautiful to look at is a great way to bring design elements that reflect your style into a room. The laundry room gets  a lot of traffic so laminate wood flooring and ceramic tile are both good choices depending on the type of feel that you are going for. You may prefer to leave the floors bare for simplicity but if you want to cover the floor, choose non-slip throw rugs in high quality fabrics that can sustain the wear and tear in your laundry room.

When you have all of your needed pieces right at your fingertips in your laundry room design,  you are more likely to stay organized and get through the process smoother.

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