As you are bringing your vision to life, working with an interior designer on your custom home delivers a number of benefits. These professionals not only have the “eye” for design and details, they bring exceptional technical knowledge to the table. They can help you determine the right solutions, interact with your builder, call on their network of vendors and suppliers, and save you time – and your sanity! How do you maximize this relationship? 

Tips for Working with an Interior Designer

1. Look for the Right Interior Designer

You build a custom home because you have a vision you want to achieve – and you don’t want to compromise. Don’t compromise on the professionals who will help you bring your ideas to life. Designers have different styles, unique tastes, and varying business practices. Make sure that you and your interior designer are on common ground.

It is helpful to consult with a few interior designers (your chance to interview them!). You can view samples of their work, ask questions about their process, and learn how they will communicate with you throughout the process. It is worth taking this step to find the right person or team.

2. Keep the Lines of Communication Open

Do not be afraid to express your opinions and to ask questions. This is your custom home; you should be nothing less than thrilled with the results – and you should have a positive experience along the way. If you know what you want, tell them clearly. If you’re not sure, are open to suggestions, or need guidance, tell them!

Make sure there is a clear process for communication: will this happen primarily via video chats or phone calls? Email? In-person? A combination? You must be comfortable with this.

3. Forget “Reality” Home Shows

Who doesn’t love home design shows? Within an hour, homes are built or transformed, and everyone is ecstatic. This doesn’t happen in real life! It takes collaboration (and communication) to build a truly beautiful, enduring custom home that is a true reflection of you. It is a process, and while it should be fun and engaging, it certainly takes a bit more time and commitment than reality shows portray. Your interior designer can help manage expectations and ensure that your experience is streamlined and realistic.

interior design
"We want to build homes that are a reflection of their owners. This is why we work with only a select number of homeowners each year."

4. Involve Your Designer from the Early Stages

When you’re building a custom home, your interior designer is an essential part of the team. They should be involved in the planning stages with your builder and architect. This allows them to start from common ground, resolve any discrepancies, and ensure a cohesive vision.

5. Make Your Life Easier – and More Beautiful!

G&G Custom Homes doesn’t want to build houses. We want to build homes that are a reflection of their owners. This is why we work with only a select number of homeowners each year. Our on-staff interior designer, Hilari Goris, has extensive experience in the field – and she is adept at communicating with the rest of the team for a smooth, positive process.

Hilari’s philosophy on design is that everyone should live well. Design should result in a beautiful, functional, well-organized space that is a statement of your style. She blends the practical with the stunning so you will feel right at home.

Whether you work with Hilari or bring in your own interior designer, make the most of this relationship – and their expertise. The results will be… home.

Are you looking for the right custom home builder to help you bring your unique vision to life in a house that is built for living?

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