When we embark on a custom home building project, many of us have a vision of what we want and need. Maybe it’s five bedrooms, a large family loft, three-car garage, and a beautiful outdoor living space. Maybe it’s a home gym, office, and chef’s kitchen – or an art studio, sunroom, and spa experience in the master bath.

Whatever the vision, it becomes even more exciting and alluring when we begin to picture ourselves living here, enjoying, entertaining, relaxing, making memories that will last a lifetime. This is where your interior designer comes in.

At what point in the custom home building process do you begin to work with an interior designer? And how do you make the most of that relationship?

Top Tip for Working with an Interior Designer: Get Them on Board Early

Interior designers have a well-trained “eye” but that’s not all they bring to the relationship. These professionals have contacts and connections through which they can source exciting products, and they are adept at interacting with builders and architects. In short, they’re an essential member of your custom home team.

Hilary Goris, owner of Hilary Goris Design and critical member of the G&G Custom Homes team, says, “I love the face when clients walk in, after the last picture [is] hung on the wall, the chair, the final accessory in place… It’s like, ‘I’ve done my job.’” The reaction when the process is complete is certainly satisfying for homeowners – and for their designer!

But to get to that dramatic, gratifying moment, it is important to involve your interior designer early in the process. This professional should be included in the planning stages, right along with your builder and architect. Why? It ensures that everyone is working from a cohesive vision, that discrepancies are clarified and resolved, and that they are all working on the same solid foundation.

The best answer to the question, “When should I start working with an interior designer?” is now! It’s best to get them on board as soon as possible in the custom home building process.

"Interior designers have a well-trained “eye” but that’s not all they bring to the relationship."

Making the Most of Your Interior Designer’s Expertise

In addition to involving your interior designer in the early stages of your custom home building project, it is important to maximize your relationship. To that end:

  • Ask questions. Any question, all questions! Whatever is on your mind or running through your imagination, tell them. Show your interior designer your Pinterest boards, your binder full of HGTV and Houzz clips, or your own sketches that capture what you want in your home. Express your vision in words and pictures.
  • Keep the lines of communication open. This professional is here to help make your dream home a reality. Be sure to select a designer who is easy to contact and who is responsive when it comes to your questions and concerns.
  • Manage expectations. A custom home building project takes months; this is not reality tv where homes are built or transformed in an hour! Less drama is always a good thing in our book!
  • Have opinions – and an open mind. This is your home, and it needs to be inspirational and aspirational. It needs to empower you to live the life you want. Share your ideas and stay open to new possibilities. Maybe there’s a different way to achieve the same goal – or maybe there are other opportunities you hadn’t even considered yet.

Learn more about working with an interior designer.

G&G Custom Homes: Together, We Build Your Forever Home

We understand that the custom home building process can be intimidating and overwhelming. We take every step possible to ensure your project is streamlined, positive, and enjoyable. Your memories of building your home should be as wonderful as those you’ll make living in it. Working with Hilary or another interior designer is an exciting part of the journey, and we’re here to smooth out any rough spots along the way!

Contact G&G to learn more about the design phase of your custom home building project and to sit down and talk about your forever home.