If you’re planning to build a custom home, you want to maximize Tips for upgrading your custom home living spaces.your living with the perfect space and the best luxury features available. Without sacrificing any design aesthetics, there are incredible upgrades you can add as you’re building your home, as you’re decorating, and as you move in. These upgrades are designed to help you enjoy life and love your home more.

Modern lighting adds a touch of flair to the living space.

Upgrading your living space can easily be done by adding the right lighting. Modern lighting sets the tone and mood for any room. As a focal point, modern lighting fixtures add flair, style, and personality to a room. For living rooms and family rooms, these lights can be both functional and design focused. When you’re looking for light fixtures, find something that compliments the style of your home, but also choose a lighting fixture that provides an adequate amount of light.

Built-in cabinets and shelves create stylish storage areas.

Built-in cabinets and shelves are great additions to any living space. Not only do you get extra storage, but the cabinets and shelves can be incorporated into the flow and style of the entire room. Built-in cabinets can be designed in a way to house entertainment technology like televisions, video game consoles, DVD collections, and so much more. Built-in shelves are great for displaying various decor pieces and photos on. The sky’s the limit when it comes to what you can do with these built-ins.

Leave the walls white, so you can add touches and pops of color.

White walls may not be your favorite thing, but if you think about them as a blank canvas, then you have an entire world of color you can use to make the room really pop. Show off your personality and style by adding touches of blues, greens, or even yellows. If the walls are painted, your accent colors could end up clashing and creating a mood for the room that you really don’t want. Instead, paint the walls white and add the colors you want in the room later on.

Ditch the technology for conversational groupings.

A huge trend in custom homes is a lack of technology distractions in key living spaces. Electronics like televisions and video game consoles are being included in lower levels, bonus rooms, and play rooms rather than living or family rooms. By ditching the technology, you can create comfortable conversational areas throughout your living space. Consider grouping comfortable chairs together around the coffee table or even incorporating smaller sofas into a square for additional seating.

Keep the wood accents subtle, light, and airy.

Wood accents are incredibly “in” right now when it comes to custom home design, but it’s easy to get carried away with them or to go overboard. If you plan on using wood accents throughout your custom home living spaces, it’s best to keep the tone of the wood on the lighter side. If too much dark wood is used, the space will feel heavy. Light wood tones and accents will help the areas feel lighter and more open.

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