Trending Doors

When you start thinking about your custom home, you probably get excited about upgraded appliances, custom countertops, and big open spaces. One thing you probably haven’t thought about is the style of doors you’ll use in your home. When you contact a custom home builder, they’ll be able to tell you about all of the little decisions that go into building your home, like choosing doors. The following trending doors are great options to bring into any home.

Folding Glass DoorsFolding Glass Doors


If you’re thinking about adding a custom patio and pool to your back yard, complete the look with folding glass doors that open out onto your patio. Instead of having a single door, these folding doors allow you to create wider openings that make the inside of your home flawlessly flow outside, so you can more easily enjoy those warm summer days.

Barn DoorsBarn Doors

When it comes to trending doors, it’s hard to not talk about barn doors. Complete with mounted sliding tracks, these doors are perfect for loft-like spaces and for homes with rustic charm. With so many treatment options for wood, your custom home builder can easily create a door that fits with the style of your home. If you like the barn door style but want something a little more modern, consider using a different material like sheet metal or even chalkboards.  

French DoorsFrench Doors

Made popular by shows like HGTVs “Fixer Upper,” French doors provide a classic and trendy look. French doors lend themselves to simplicity, but can easily be taken up a notch with unique stains and paint colors. Made with glass panels, the panels can be arranged in various patterns, allowing your unique style to shine through. If you’re looking for a lot of natural light, then French doors are perfect!

Dutch DoorDutch Doors

Once a fairly common door style in some parts of the world, Dutch doors have been making a comeback as homeowners look for more laid back door options. Dutch doors are divided in the middle horizontally allowing for the top half of the door to be open while the bottom half is closed. This trending door style is fairly simple, but can be made to fit your specific style with unique door knobs, hinges, and accents like exposed nailheads.

Vintage DoorVintage Doors

Perfect for interior spaces, vintage doors have a very chic and retro feel. Wooden panels and frosted glass provide a sense of privacy and security, while adding a unique aesthetic to your home. These doors make great bathroom and kitchen doors because of their privacy and unique charm.
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