So, you’re designing the home of your dreams but aren’t quite sure what to do with the backyard just yet? Creating an outdoor oasis with recreational spaces tailored to your lifestyle is the perfect finishing touch to your custom-built home. If you want to feel like you’re on vacation in your own backyard, then these projects can help you do just that…  

Swimming Pool 

A pool can instantly take any backyard from drab to fab. In-ground pools are a top choice for homeowners who really want to create the outdoor oasis of their dreams. You can keep it simple or go extravagant with an infinity pool. Many choose to enhance the design of their pool with elaborate excavating and landscaping. This option truly makes it feel like you’re on vacation in your own backyard. You can add a hot tub alongside your pool (or opt for just the hot tub) to get an outdoor spa experience at home.  

Fire Pit 

A fire pit is a simple backyard addition that can enhance the look and feel of any outdoor space. Perfect for the outdoor enthusiast, they can be used on summer nights but are absolutely ideal going into the fall and winter months. Safety is an important consideration with fire pits and their construction/placement, so it’s a good idea to consult the pros about installation. 

Covered Porch 

Porches can be super simple or quite upscale. A covered porch offers shelter from the hot summer sun and inclement weather, leading to more time outside. Blur the line between indoors and out with multi-slide doors that can be opened wide to expand your living and entertainment space. Automatic shade screens can block out the sun, help keep mosquitoes at bay, or keep in heat on cool nights if you have a fireplace or built-in heating. Creating an outdoor lounge space helps ensure that you, your family, and your guests get the most out of your backyard oasis. 

Outdoor Kitchen or Bar 

Grilling is one of the most popular warm-weather outdoor activities here in the Midwest, but why stop at just the grill? Building an outdoor kitchen and bar with built-in grill, countertops, refrigerator and more brings added convenience and luxury to your backyard.  

Things to Consider When Customizing Your Dream Outdoor Space 

It can be easy to get caught up with the over-the-top elements that bring the wow-factor to your backyard but keeping in mind the little things will really take your outdoor space to the next level. When you sit down with your builder to create your dream outdoor space, don’t forget to consider the following: 

  • Privacy 
  • Flow of spaces – keeping conversation and togetherness in the layout plans 
  • Ongoing maintenance
  • Easily accessible bathrooms 
  • Lighting  

These are just a few of the most important considerations when designing a backyard oasis. Trusting your builder and leaning on their knowledge and experience to address these issues from start to finish will help you achieve the best result. They are also better equipped to prepare you with realistic ongoing costs, given the unique aspects of your home and what you envision. 

Vacation in Your Own Backyard With G&G Custom Homes 

Ready to vacation in your own backyard year after year? It all starts with a conversation, and G&G can help you create your outdoor dream space as part of your new custom home.