Good things come in small packages. Sure, if you’re talking about nice jewelry, wearable technology, or adorable puppies! But when you’re talking about your home, small can mean cramped, cluttered, and chaotic. Sometimes bigger really is better. Why is a larger home a great investment now — and into the future? 

5 Reasons to Build a Bigger Home 

Building a house is the culmination of a dream, the result of a vision you have and the type of lifestyle you live (and to which you aspire). Size is a critical consideration; it impacts practical matters like budgets and timelines, but it also influences day-to-day living in your new custom home. Here are 5 compelling reasons to build a bigger home: 

1. Grow into Your Home 

As your life changes, so too do your needs and desires. Your house should be able to change with you. A larger home can accommodate the planned and unplanned events that make life interesting and rewarding. For example, a couple or small household may wish to add to their family. Another may want to move in aging parents or open their home to guests as they enjoy retirement. Still others want to age in place and, perhaps, utilize the upper floors of their home for other family members.  

Whatever your goals, a bigger house means that you can flex and enjoy the space to realize them fully. 

2. Options for Customization

Does the dining room table double as the home office? Does it do triple and quadruple duty as the homework station and game night venue? We are all for multi-purpose rooms, but a bigger home gives you a great deal of flexibility.  

For example, you have space to create a dedicated work-from-home office, a personal gym, a craft room, a playroom, a game room…. More square footage means more options and availability for customizing your rooms, so they suit your lifestyle. (Plus, now you can actually eat at the dining room table without having to clear off files, folders, computers, books, and LEGOs!) 

3. Greater Privacy and Room to Spread Out 

Home is where we make some of our most treasured memories; spending time with our loved ones is invaluable. Also priceless: privacy! One lesson social distancing and quarantining has taught us is that, while we love our families, we need some time and space for ourselves. It’s nice to “get away,” even if we stay home.  

A bigger house provides ample common spaces, such as the great room, family room, dining room, and kitchen. It also accommodates several private bedrooms, closed-door spaces, and nooks that help us recharge, refuel, and savor some quiet. 

This is undoubtedly a benefit if you host guests. They have room to enjoy their stay without everyone getting under everyone else’s feet. They will value having their “own” space to use, while the common areas allow for socializing and entertaining. 

4. More Storage

Smaller homes can be quaint and cozy — but storage space is a perpetual problem! There’s never enough cabinet and counter space, never enough closets, or room in the garage, basement, or attic for stowing away out-of-season gear, decorations, tools, and the other as-needed staples of life. 

When you build, you can factor storage needs, both now and anticipated, into your design. This allows you to keep your essentials (and be able to find them when you need them!) without creating stressful clutter. 

5. Higher Resale Price Should You Choose to Sellinthe Future 

We want to build your forever home; but if your plans change, and you decide to sell, a larger home will fetch a higher resale price. This is especially true if your house has sought-after features, such as ample bedrooms, utility/laundry rooms, mudrooms, storage rooms and closets, large kitchens, home offices, etc. These are highly marketable elements, and you should realize an advantageous return on your investment. 

Even if you do not plan on selling, it is still another factor to include in your decision. As we mentioned, life does like to throw in the unexpected now and again. 

 Your Dream House: Realized 

G&G Custom Homes strives to deliver the most positive, stress-less experience. Typical home building projects can be overwhelming, and size is just one of the many decisions you will make. But with G&G you won’t make them alone or without the right information, guidance, and support. 

Bigger may be better for your lifestyle and family, now and in the future. Contact G&G Custom Homes to learn how we can help. 

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