Top custom home builders in Indiana know exactly how to build the Top custom home builders can help you build a home to age in. home of your dreams. From first time home buyers to those looking to build their forever home, custom home builders can take your ideas and thoughts and turn them into something incredible. However, for those looking for the custom home they can age in, you need top custom home builders who can deliver the details and features that make aging easier.

Here are just a few of the custom home design elements you should consider for your age-in-place home:

Move the master suite to the lower level, so you can avoid stairs in the future.

Whether you’re ready for your retirement home now or building the home you’ll always live in, it’s a great idea to add a master suite in the lower level. For those already looking to ditch the second floor or stop walking upstairs, the first level master suite is the perfect solution. If you aren’t quite ready for this change yet, then the first level master suite is a perfect guest suite or in-laws quarter. As you think about the first-floor master suite, make sure you include a closet with plenty of space and a bathroom that makes you feel like you’re at a spa.

Survey the landscaping and the lot you’re going to build on before purchasing.

When you’re building a custom home to age in, it’s important to check out the lot. Top custom home builders won’t recommend that you build your custom home on a lot with tons of trees or even a hill. As you age, you will want to spend less time maintaining your yard, picking up sticks, and trimming shrubs. Your landscaping can still look incredible with low maintenance plants, but it’s important to purchase a lot that will be easy to take care of over time.

Automate as much of your home as you possibly can to make things easier.

Everything from the locks on your front door to your home’s air conditioning and heating can be automated. Whether you set the thermostat once and never worry about it again or you use an app on your smartphone to control it every day, automating these systems will make life easier. Not having to worry about setting everything will give you extra peace of mind. Plus, a majority of home automation features allow aging in place to be more graceful and it means you’ll require less help in the future.

Eliminate steps wherever possible so that you can access all of the rooms and features of your home.

You may not think about it, but the average home actually has a lot of different steps. From the front porch to the step into the shower, these steps can cause major problems later in life. Whether it’s time to eliminate steps or not, building a custom home with fewer steps now will make aging in place easier. Complete walk in showers and tubs may seem like something you’ll only need later, but the designs of these two bathroom essentials has come a long way. If you’re worried about the steps to your front porch, simply build a sidewalk that has a mild grade slope to it, so you can easily walk up and down the sidewalk and onto your porch without the steps.

At G&G Custom Homes, we specialize in delivering incredible custom homes. As top custom home builders, we take the time to understand your specific needs and then build a home that matches those needs. If you’re looking to build your next home or the home you’ll spend the rest of your life in, we’re ready to hear your ideas. Contact G&G Custom Homes today.