When you opt for a custom home, you are putting your dreams, visions, and future in the hands of a builder. It sounds dramatic, but you have put in untold time in imagining, researching, and scouring everything from Pinterest to HGTV to neighborhoods near you for inspiration! When it is time to start bringing your ideas to fruition, you are placing a great deal of trust in your builder. The G&G Custom Homes’ team strives, in every way, to meet and exceed your expectations.  

We build our promises on a solid foundation of quality, service, experience, and one-on-one relationships. The G&G Difference will make the difference when it comes to enjoying a positive process and achieving the results you want.  

What Is the G&G Difference?  

You’ve no doubt heard about (or have experienced) the home building emotional rollercoaster. Excitement, anxiety, stress, more excitement, more anxiety, some uncertainty… bumps, turns, twists, ups, downs. While a little stress is normal and virtually unavoidable when you are embarking on a custom build journey, it does not need to take over your life or detract from the experience.  

Breakneck-paced, stomach-dropping, fear-inducing rollercoaster rides are fine at theme parks; when it comes to building your dream home, we’ll leave them right there. Expect a different kind of experience, one that avoids many of the stresses associated with a typical new build. 

Work Directly with G&G Custom Homes’ Owner 

Before we start building your dream home, we start building relationships based on trust, respect, and communication. We sit down with our customers, talk about their dreams, listen to their ideas, and gain a full understanding of what they need and want. With G&G, it’s personal.  

Owner Joe Garcia says, “We do ten to twelve homes a year, so we get that connection with the homeowner. Every home we’re building, I feel like I’m building it for my family.” Joe works directly with each customer, ensuring that questions are answered, concerns addressed, and excitement shared when the project is complete.  

This Is Your Team 

On typical builds, homeowners can end up feeling as if they are the project manager, that everyone is working in silos, and that communication may as well be conducted with tin cans and string. With G&G, you have a team that is with you every step of the way. In addition to Joe, you’ll work closely with folks like your own dedicated project manager.  

Homeowners that work with G&G know they can pick up the phone and call Joe or any member of the team and they will pick up!  

Built for Living  

The G&G Difference is apparent in how we build, but also what we build. If you are opting for a custom home, it’s because you want and need something different than what’s on the market. Something better. Our experienced, motivated team, our industry-leading services, our attention to detail, and our use of the highest quality materials ensures that you get the quality for which you have been waiting.  

Again, we take the time to listen to your goals and provide targeted advice and solutions that make sense for your life. When the Wright family worked with G&G, for example, Andrea and Jeff wanted to “future proof” their home.  

Andrea says, “When we’re older and can’t go up and down the stairs, what are we going to do? Our solution was, we’re turning the playroom into a master suite. We put headers for doorways in that room so eventually we could knock through the wall if we needed to. A lot of thought was put into that — and a lot of help from the architects and from Joe.” She says that this curiosity about their needs, the questions, and the guidance helped lead to their “forever home.” 

Home Sweet High-Performance Home 

G&G specializes in energy-efficient homes. We work to integrate your eco-friendly ideas from top to bottom, while utilizing high-performance windows, effective insulation, Energy Star rated appliances, energy-efficient products, and tight construction. This is not just about saving money on your utility bills; it’s about creating a cleaner environment. 

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Build Your Forever Home 

You are choosing a custom home because you want something different. Something better. You deserve the same when it comes to the building process and the relationships with those who are creating your forever home with you. Schedule a free consultation with G&G Custom Homes. We’ll discuss your vision and develop a game plan that works for you.