When you are planning a custom home, the possibilities are endless. It is undoubtedly exhilarating but can also be overwhelming. Take a breath! This process should be all about you, your family, your needs, your wants, and your goals for a forever home.

Embrace the excitement and let us help with the details so you can enjoy both the experience and the results. If you need some inspiration or a launching point for planning, take a look at these 10 hot custom home upgrades and options.

On-Trend and Enduring Custom Home Upgrades

1. Deluxe Showers

Not every master bath needs a tub. When building a custom home, some folks are opting to go all out with their shower instead. An over-the-top spa experience shower should include luxe touches like radiant floor heating, zero-transition entry, steam showers, dual rainfall shower heads, built-in shelves, and, eye-catching slate, granite, marble, or porcelain tiles.

2. Luxurious Guest Suites

A walk-out basement is the perfect place to include a luxury guest suite if you enjoy hosting family and friends for long or short stays. Treat your guests with a beautifully designed bedroom and en suite bathroom. An oversized guest suite can include dedicated space for your guest to lounge in their own living room area, a morning coffee bar, or even a small kitchenette.

3. Larger Kitchen Islands

Bigger is better, at least when it comes to kitchen islands. The island often serves as a focal point for this important space – not to mention acting as an invaluable functional element. There is a hot trend towards larger surfaces that become the centerpiece of the kitchen, whether or not there is an open floor plan.

4. Lower Counter Heights

There is a shift among some homeowners from “bar height” counters of 42 inches to counters of 36 inches. Why? It can make your kitchen space look larger, and if you have household members or guests who find it difficult to climb up on a bar stool, this is much more accessible.

5. More Kitchen Amenities

Even people who do not like to cook love a chef-worthy kitchen! This is the room where we are seeing many custom home upgrades, including:

  • Higher-end stainless steel cooktops and ranges (and larger models)
  • Under-counter lighting and lighted cabinets
  • Solid-surface backsplashes to match countertops and create a seamless look
  • Built-in wine-column fridges
  • Smart appliances and fixtures
"Embrace the excitement and let us help with the details so you can enjoy both the experience and the results."

6. Drop Zones

A drop zone is a place where you “drop” all of your items – keys, boots, coats, backpacks, mail, etc. – so they don’t end up cluttering your kitchen island, table, or entryway. Often, drop zones are located in mudrooms or laundry rooms, and homeowners are designing them to suit their needs.

They often opt for built-in shelves and cubbies, drawers, mailboxes or trays, coat hooks and/or small closets, sports gear stations, etc. Drop zones can make a big difference in overall organization, convenience, and aesthetics.

7. A Home Office Tailored to Your Needs

Home offices are fast becoming a “must-have” as more and more of us work remotely. Having a dedicated space in which we can be our most productive selves is essential. Consider tailoring your custom home office to your needs with picture windows, built in shelves and storage, sound proofing, and purposeful design to help you get the most out of your workday.

8. Smart Upgrades

Building a custom home is a smart move… and adding smart home technology only adds to the functionality and performance of your space. You can essentially control your home remotely and utilize a host of features designed to enhance your life, including:

  • Touch-to-open electronic entry doors
  • Smart locks to control entry
  • Video doorbells
  • Smart thermostats to save energy while boosting convenience and comfort
  • Whole-house entertainment system control
  • Customized alarms/alerts (e.g. if a child opens the patio door you will be alerted before she heads to the pool)
  • Smart lighting (can control the light “temperature,” time settings, and more)
  • And as mentioned earlier, smart appliances and kitchen fixtures

9. Indoor/Outdoor Spaces

As much as homeowners love technology, they still long for the great outdoors. Outdoor living spaces have been a hot trend for years, and we see no slow-down in sight. It makes sense: you maximize the potential of your home and property while enjoying the benefits of natural lighting, beautiful views, fresh air… it’s ideal. Outdoor kitchens and lounges are perfect for morning coffee, cozy dinners, friendly get-togethers, neighborhood parties, and more.

10. Home Bars

According to home improvement/inspiration mecca, Pinterest, at-home bars are the “biggest food trend of 2020.” Indoors and outdoors, home bars are hot and loaded with amenities, such as plentiful seating in various arrangements, game tables, full bars with countertop, TVs, and everything you need to enjoy the big game, family time, or a night with friends.

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